Trump Should Ignore Gag Order

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The lawfare against Trump is outrageous. 

Whatever you think of the man, it is crystal clear that he is being persecuted because he is the leader of the opposition. Trial after trial have been timed to interfere with his campaign, held in venues so hostile to him and all conservatives that it is impossible to have a fair trial, and the charges have been brought by prosecutors so openly hostile to him that conflicts of interest are undeniable. 


Few people believe that any verdict against him will withstand appeals, but as in so many cases, the process itself is the punishment. The goal isn't justice but to harm Trump and his supporters and to throw the election to the Democrats. 

If you believe otherwise, you are either delusional or so blinded by hatred of Trump that you think that the rule of law doesn't apply to Trump because Orange Man Bad. 

The counterargument--that Trump wouldn't face these trials if he hadn't broken the law--is absurd on its face. To suggest that it is merely a coincidence that so many legal actions are taking place NOW, in the midst of a campaign is laughable. Look in the mirror and you will see a person who is comfortable with tyranny, as long as your side is the tyrant. 

Defending democracy. What a joke. 

The prosecutor in Trump's current and utterly absurd case has suggested that Trump be jailed for violating a gag order in the case. A hearing is being held on this issue today, and my advice to Trump is to keep speaking up and challenge the judge to jail him. 


Assistant District Attorney Christopher Conroy asked a judge to remind Donald Trump that “incarceration is an option” if he continues to violate the gag order in his trial.

“His disobedience of the order is willful, it’s intentional,” Conroy said. He said Trump’s claims that he is only responding to political attacks make no sense.

Trump has previously declared he would be willing to go to jail over the issue of the gag order.

Needless to say, this is not legal advice but political advice. 

Nothing could be better for America than to have Trump jailed by the order of a corrupt legal system. Any pretense that what is going on is anything but political persecution would be stripped away. 

Countless Leftists and liberals would cheer. "We got the scalp!" Their hatred of Trump is already transparent, but putting an exclamation point on the issue would ensure an extra 5 points in the polls for Trump. 

Just as Trump has used his mug shot to great political effect, a video of him being carted off to jail would be political gold. It would be blasted around the world, and it would cost Trump precisely zero votes, and would probably gain him quite a few, even from people who despise the man. 


The idea that Trump spouting off about the trial or any of the witnesses is intimidation is absurd, and everybody knows it. If a witness is likely to be concerned about retaliation--none of them are, because they are rushing to testify--they wouldn't have agreed to testify against a former president. They are all angling to peddle books, not quivering in fear. 

This is about preventing Trump from making his case to the public while giving free rein to his critics. 

Jonathan Turley hit the nail on the head:

“What is clear is in this case, Trump is right,” Turley said. “I mean, this is an embarrassment. I mean, the fact that we are actually talking about this case being presented in a New York courtroom leaves me in utter disbelief. I mean, the arguments today did in fact capture all the problems here. You know, you had this misdemeanor under state law that had run out. This is going back to the 2016 election. And they zapped it back into life by alleging that there was a campaign finance under the federal laws that doesn’t exist. The Department of Justice doesn’t view it this way.”

The case is beyond absurd. The trial is a joke. The venue is so stacked against Trump that the possibility of a fair trial is near zero. This is a show trial, not about justice. 


So screw the gag order. It is of questionable legality anyway, and if violating it shows contempt for the court, it is right to do so. 

The court here is contemptible and should be exposed. Allowing the perpetrators of political persecution to go unchallenged is idiotic. 

Trump is not eloquent enough to pen a "Letter from a Manhattan Jail," but the videos would be enough. 

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