CDC Bragging About Collecting Data to Close Down Schools

Stefani Reynolds/The New York Times via AP, Pool

My jaw dropped when I saw this post from the CDC on Twitter. They were bragging about using their "Data Modernization Initiative" to track students in schools and monitor COVID cases, letting them choose which schools to close and which to allow to open. 

They, of course, portray this as helping keep schools open, but that is the opposite of the case. This program helped them determine which schools to close well after the data was in that closing any schools for any reason is a horrible idea. 

In other words, their "data modernization" did nothing more than provide a scientific gloss to a witch doctor's policy. Schools were never major vectors of transmission, and kids were never at great risk from COVID in the first place. Schools should never, ever have been closed, and because they were untold amounts of damage have been done to children. 

Mental health disaster? Check. 

Lost learning? Check. 

Absenteeism through the roof? Check. 

Crime by teens out of control? Check. 

Along with hundreds of millions of other Americans, I used to believe that the CDC was one of the few truly vital government institutions helping keep the United States a First-world country. In a sea of useless and harmful bureaucracies, it seemed to stand out as an island of scientific rationality focused on a truly public-spirited mission. Saving Americans from countless hideous diseases seemed like a good use of tax dollars. 

I could not have been more wrong. Our public health bureaucracy did more damage to America than any terrorist has in our history. 

Sure, I still support the IDEA of the CDC, and am sure that much of their research and disease tracking must do some good. But the past four years have proven to me that the people at the top of that bureaucracy have no understanding of science, should have little to do with public policy, fund dangerous and deadly research, and should all be sent to China to become petty tyrants in a country dedicated to petty tyranny as an ideal. 

The single-largest policy mistake made since Germany smuggled Vladimir Lenin back into Russia, pandemic-era policymaking was driven by a total disregard for the public good, a political will to power, contempt for the American people, and a willingness to sacrifice millions of ordinary people in order to perform a vast and dangerous social science experiment. 

The CDC is proud of the results. They wanted to see how far they could push the American people through propaganda and discovered it was farther than they could have possibly imagined. 

And now they are bragging about it, laughing in our faces. 

Collecting data to determine which students should be tossed out of schools for no good reason is not a win, folks. It was demonic. 

Quit bragging about it. 

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