It's Not the Protesters Blocking Road to O'Hare: It Is the Police

AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh

Everybody is rightly outraged about the protesters blocking the road to O'Hare airport. About 20 a**holes in the road are closing down one of the world's busiest airports, forcing travelers out of their cars and taking a long walk to the airport. 


Travelers who are lucky enough to have somebody else driving, that is. Nobody is going to leave their car in the middle of the road if they are the driver. That undoubtedly means that a huge fraction of the people stuck there will miss their planes. 

But a smart person on Twitter noted something that most of us haven't thought about: it really isn't the protesters who are blocking the street; it is the cops who are there protecting the protesters. 

If you look at the vehicles in front and behind the protesters, you notice something interesting: the Chicago Police Department is there to ensure that nobody drags the protesters off the road. The road is blocked not so much by the protesters as by the police vehicles in front of and behind the protesters. 


In a sane world, a bunch of drivers would drag the protesters off the road, which is apparently a spur of the Interstate. We have seen this happen before--irate drivers dragging the jerks off the road and allowing people to pass. It is a joy to see. 

With the police there, they should be doing the dirty deed. The protesters are obviously violating several laws and costing millions of dollars in damage to the people who need to travel. This is so open and shut that it should be simple enough to remove these people, and if they are resisting you have yet another charge to drop on their heads. 

Instead, the police are doing the opposite: they are defending the lawbreakers against ordinary citizens. 

This is Brandon Johnson's Chicago; If one of the Daleys or even Rahm Emmanuel were mayor these protesters would be dragged off the road and arrested and business as usual would be restored quickly. As it should be. 

This isn't about free speech but disruption. Speech is, well, speech. These are attacks in support of America's enemies. Nonviolent attacks, to be sure, but not mere expressions of opinion or attempts to persuade. This is about imposing a cost on ordinary people, making it coercion. 


This is coordinated action in order to break the law, and should be treated as such. 

Instead the Mayor of Chicago has chosen to join the conspiracy. 

Here's a fun thought: the Democrat National Convention will be held in Chicago. Will Brandon Johnson aid and abet the people intent on disrupting the event? What will Homeland Security do, given that the President and Vice President will be attending?

This is going to be interesting indeed. 

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