Well Isn't She Nice: "I hope one day somebody brings the guillotine and kills all of you"


You have to admire her for showing up to speak to her city council, at least. It's good to see our young ones participate in local government. 

Beyond that, I have nothing good to say about Riddhi Patel, who went on an anti-Israel rant that included multiple threats to murder the members of the Bakersfield City Council. 


Patel certainly knew how to get attention for her cause, although her persuasion skills could use a bit of improvement. As far as I know, threatening murder in the service of evil causes only gets high marks in our public schools, universities, and on TikTok, not when speaking to government officials. 

I am sure she got all A's, though. She managed to be coherent while threatening the lives of the people to whom she was speaking. Many kids coming out of college can't manage that much. 

Her speech began well:

Hi there. My name is Riddhi Patel. I'm here to speak in support of the city council, introducing a ceasefire resolution, specifically the one, um, United Liberation Front has drafted. I  don't have faith that you'll do this. You guys are all horrible human beings and Jesus probably would have killed you himself.

And the thing is though, it's very clear to me as in someone who's been an organizer for the past couple of years, that none of you care because you, you guys don't care about anything happening in Palestine or any other country where oppression occurs because you don't care about the oppression occurring here.


Oppression in Bakersfield, according to Patel, includes installing metal detectors at the city council chambers recently, although given that Patel believes that mobs with guillotines might storm the place suggests that this is merely a prudent precaution, not a prelude to mass murdering of civilians in the service of a Zionist takeover of a modestly-sized California city. 

And I understand that you guys are all horrible people. But the thing is 2, 300 people being evicted in the last year, those are votes. And you guys, those are votes to win here in Bakersfield. And while you, you guys parade Gandhi around, as a Hindu holiday called Chaitra Navratri, it starts off this week, I remind you that these holidays that we practice, that other people in the Global South practice, believe in violent revolution against their oppressors.

And I hope one day somebody brings the guillotine and kills all of you motherf**kers. The increased criminalization for no need other than you don't like When people come and hold you guys accountable for introducing ceasefire resolutions Because the only escalation in violence has been by you all and so there's no need to continue in the last five years I've attended city council meetings.

You have to admire her commitment if not her rhetorical skills. Five years of city council meetings sound like a version of hell to me. Can you imagine how many comments she shouted at the council members in that time?

And for that reason, you guys want to criminalize us with metal detectors. We'll see you at your house. We'll murder you.


This rant turned out to be a mistake for Miss Patel, who otherwise seems like a decent enough sort. Although I am pretty sure her understanding of Ghandi's teaching is a bit off, that is to be expected given the fact that she has been educated in America. 

You can't expect anybody to have learned any actual facts in California schools. Ghandi as a violent resistance leader is close enough for government schools. 

A protester arrested inside Bakersfield City Council chambers Wednesday night is accused of 16 felony counts after she made a threatening comment to council members and the mayor.

Riddhi Patel, 28, was arrested and booked into jail on suspicion of eight counts of threatening with intent to terrorize and another eight counts of threatening certain city officials during her comments on enhanced security at the meetings.

These upgrades, used on a trial basis at the previous City Council meeting on March 28, would permanently include metal detectors and bolstered security at future City Hall meetings. They were unanimously approved by the council later in Wednesday’s meeting.

Patel’s remarks on the matter came during the public comment portion of the meeting, during which she lambasted the proposed security upgrades.

“You guys want to criminalize us with metal detectors,” Patel said. “We’ll see you at your house, we’ll murder you.”

Poor Riddhi doesn't seem to be quite clear about what it means to criminalize, but she is about to learn. I suspect she will be seeing a bunch of metal detectors in the near future and learn what real oppression looks like. 


Assuming, of course, that actual charges are pressed. This is California after all. 

But while threatening average citizens in California is likely to get you a mere scolding in the state, threatening actual government officials may be a hanging offense. In a state where most crimes get you little to no bail, Patel is being held on $2 million. 

Patel is being held at Lerdo jail in lieu of $2 million bail. According to inmate records, Patel is expected in court Friday afternoon for an arraignment. She had not been charged by the Kern County District Attorney’s Office as of Thursday afternoon.

Other protesters also present to criticize the security measures, as well as the city’s continued abstention from voting on a cease-fire resolution regarding the Israel-Hamas conflict, quickly distanced themselves from Patel.

Not that I object. What she did was indeed awful, even for an admirer of Gandhi and Jesus, both famed advocates of murdering people. 

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