Did You Know That You Have an ESG Score and it Can Be Used Against You?

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Until today, I didn't realize that individuals are now being assigned ESG scores that some institutions use to decide whether they will do business with a person. 


I obviously knew about ESG scores that huge investment firms are using to force corporations to conform to ideological demands. I knew that in some cases, prominent individuals or troublemakers have been blackballed by banks and other firms. And, of course, I know that some companies that sell politically incorrect items are getting deplatformed by PayPal and even web providers. 

But I didn't know that an industry has sprung up to analyze individuals' purchases, carbon footprint, and other characteristics to inform banks and other businesses regarding whether they should do business with you. 

It is a full-scale social credit system being built out. Only it isn't the government per se doing this, but rather companies that aggregate information about you and sell it to actors who want to isolate dissenters from their ideological commitments. 

It is as if Xi Jinping decided to use capitalist methods to create a Chinese-style social credit system. When I say James' tweet above I looked into the claim, and sure enough, personal ESG scores exist and companies will calculate yours and sell it to people interested


People have credit scores that tell lenders and other parties if they can pay their debts. It is similar to a credit score when it comes to an individual score, but instead of rating creditworthiness, it rates a person’s various ESG risk factors.

This article will cover the basics, how yours is calculated, and what it will be used for going forward. We will also teach you how to calculate your individual ESG score so that you can work towards improving your rating.

This is dystopian, and the dystopia is being built before our eyes. 

Left to their own devices, corporations likely wouldn't spend a lot of time on this. But in the modern world a lot of forces have come together to nudge companies to engage in these practices, and as they begin to the momentum to continue doing so gets immense. 

The same people promote personal ESG scores as corporate ESG scores, and using those personal ESG scores has become part of measuring corporate "responsibility." You can't be called a good corporate citizen if you don't impose ESG values on your customers, and Blackrock will punish you. 

So corporations do it. To YOU. 

The purpose behind personal ESG scores involves promoting more mindful behaviors towards the environment and society. By holding individuals accountable for their actions, these scores encourage better choices and habits, leading to a positive change on a larger scale.

Since this is still a relatively new concept, the current level of transparency is a bit murky. In many cases, people are generally unaware that they even have an ESG score.

For example, consumers who have accounts with Merrill Lynch will be able to view their score, whatever that may be. Lenders will use this system to choose who they extend services or credit. The main reason is that companies, including lenders, are graded according to the ESG standards.

Their business and prosperity depend directly on their hiring practices, gender diversity, social and environmental impact, and other ESG factors. As they must prove their case, they must also show that their clients meet the standards they are being graded.


Yikes! Comply, or else you will be exiled from society. 

During the assessment process, your personal ESG score is calculated based on three main factors: environmental, social, and governance. Your purchase history, sales history, and public records, such as your credit report, are considered to gauge your impact on the environment and society. This process helps highlight areas where you can improve your ESG performance or showcase your dedication toward sustainable and ethical practices.

Note that these quotes don't come from some Right-wing conspiracy sites. They are from an investing website that is giving advice on how to improve your ESG score in order to have a leg up on doing business with big corporations. 

Just as there is advice on how to raise your credit score, now there is advice on how to raise your ESG score. To them, it is morally neutral. 

It isn't to me. This is totalitarian. In order to do business with a big financial firm, to get the best terms from them you must comply with Left-wing ideology, and if you are at the opposite end of the spectrum they might cut you off. 

China. Xi Jinping. Larry Fink of Blackrock. 


Poke around on the web and you will find a wealth of advice on how to comply with the wishes of the Elite better, as well as companies eager to sell your ESG score to companies that want to ideologically vet you. 

Did I say that this was dystopian? 

If not: THIS IS F'ING DYSTOPIAN. It is an amalgamation of 1984, Brave New World, and Xi Jinping's Wet Dream. 

ESG ratings are based on measuring behaviors, investments, habits, and other actions gathered from various public sources. Your score may be adjusted depending on various factors, including the company’s policies from which your score is delivered.

As such, there will be some variation between scores depending on where yours is the source in comparison with your manual calculations. Some things you may need to calculate your score are:

  • A list of your investments.
  • A general calculation of how many miles you travel via car and public transport.
  • The energy you use each month (electricity, gas, etc.).
  • Your cryptocurrency profile.
  • Your food consumption numbers.
  • Your organic and environmental effort profile.
  • And other metrics.

One of the most bizarre things about living in the post-Soviet world is seeing how Marxists have coopted the efficiency of capitalism with the totalitarianism of the mid-20th-century tyrants to create a totally new and far more effective version of what Hitler and Stalin hoped to create but failed to. 

Apparently, Hitler and Stalin's problem was that technology still didn't exist to dominate every aspect of our lives. Klaus Schwab and Larry Fink have figured out how to use managerial capitalist liberalism to revolutionize society into an anthill where incentives created by an elite can nudge us to behave exactly as they like. 


Want a loan? Give up your guns, your voice, and your desire not to eat bugs. 

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