Migrant 'Influencer': 'Work Is for Slaves,' Thanks 'Papa Biden' for Free Lifestyle


"Papa Biden" is paving the streets with gold for illegal immigrants, brags Leonel Moreno, a Venezuelan illegal immigrant who is recruiting people to come to the US. 


He encourages illegals to invade homes and become squatters, so they get a free home by stealing them from Americans. 

Stupid me, when I saw this video yesterday on Twitter I assumed it was anti-immigrant propaganda. It was just too outrageous, and too convenient to a conservative narrative that all illegal immigrants want to destroy America. 

But nope, it's real. Leonel Moreno is an actual TikTok personality whose shtick is making videos for potential illegal aliens and teaching them to rip off Americans. "Work is for slaves," and Americans are suckers

Moreno was waved into the United States, given papers and a place to stay, provided food stamps and a monthly stipend, and begged on the street, making $1000/day. At least that is what he claims. 

Venezuelan national Leonel Moreno crossed the southern border illegally in April 2022 at Eagle Pass, Texas, and was enrolled in the Alternatives to Detention program, which allows federal authorities to track migrants either using ankle monitors or other technology.

However, Moreno didn’t follow the rules and is now listed as an “absconder” from the program, according to internal ICE documents seen by The Post.


He is listed as an "absconder," but despite posting videos that show exactly where he is, nobody is interested in finding and deporting him. Instead, he is allowed to give instructions to migrants on how to steal homes from Americans. 

Really. That is what makes him an "influencer." I'd like to know if he makes money from TikTok for doing so. 

Gahanna Police told The Post they are aware of the videos, but added: “To date, our agency has had no contact with this individual and we are unaware of his location.”

Moreno was originally released into the US on parole due to a lack of space in detention facilities. This has previously meant migrants haven’t been fully interviewed and vetted by authorities — which usually takes around three days — before being let into the US.

There is no level of depravity that the Biden Administration won't tolerate. As it cuts down Texas' razor wire, releases migrants who assault National Guard soldiers, it tolerates "influencers" whose goal is to recruit others to come enjoy the freedom of America. 

Freedom from having even to work. 

Moreno has been seen living in Columbus. His listed point of contact in the US was Catholic Charities in Miami, according to ICE documents.

ICE in Miami mailed Moreno an immigration court date in November 2022 after he never appeared in person, according to sources.

“The Biden administration markets these policies as solutions, but in reality, it’s merely a smoke screen obscuring the chaos and failures at the border. We should demand transparency of this program and not continue to let this administration compromise the safety and integrity of our nation’s borders.” Fabbricatore added.

Moreno has become a Tiktok influencer, encouraging “fellow Venezuelans” to squat in the homes of U.S. citizens and calling President Biden “mi papa.” 


No wonder he calls President Biden "mi papa." As a Venezuelan he decided that the socialist paradise of his home country isn't generous enough--it can't be, because it is an economic and political disaster--he has decided that America is, for him, a better socialist paradise where the streets are paved with gold. 

If you are willing to steal, the government is willing to embrace your criminality. 

“I don’t like to work,” he tells followers. “Boys, in the US there are a million tricks, a million things to do,” he says as he outlines how to live effectively for free in a new country.

“I’ve concluded that the American Dream is real,” he said in a separate post, adding that he has lived for more than a year in the US and never had to work. “This is food of the best quality that they just give you.”

Biden is playing us for suckers. As he systematically dismantles our laws and norms, he is ensuring that the next batch of US citizens will finish the job that he has started. Even if he is tossed out of office this November he is leaving behind a legacy--millions of people who have proven their willingness to break the law and are willing to brag about it. 

Because, for now, they know that they can get away with it. 

Moreno claims he traversed 12 countries to reach the US and tried to seek asylum in Canada last year alongside his wife, but ultimately came to America because he didn’t get free handouts up north.

“They didn’t give us the hotel they promised,” he said in a video posted to his Instagram account last year.

“They gave us a month and then kicked us out, and didn’t give us the papers they promised. They didn’t give us a job and didn’t give us asylum.”

After his wife gave birth, Moreno shared from the hospital that the couple didn’t pay anything to have their daughter, thanking “Papa Biden” for paying.


Papa Biden isn't paying. You and I are, and the bill is enormous. 

Americans are a generous lot, and we should be proud of it. There ARE people who are genuinely fleeing real oppression and we should help them as best we can. 

But generosity and being a sucker for con men are two different things. And we are being played for suckers. 

Moreno, if caught, might still not be deported. Since he entered the country illegally he has had a baby--a so-called anchor baby--who is now a US citizen. 

I have nothing against the baby--how could I? She is an innocent infant. But Moreno will no doubt be able to use her citizenship as yet another tool in his nearly infinite toolbox to scam more money from the taxpayers. Given that he believes "work is for slaves," he will get even more money from you and me to keep up his lifestyle. 

Moreno knows one thing for certain: if given the choice between looking out for American citizens and mooching criminals, Biden will always choose the criminals. 

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