Chicago Election Shenanigans. What a Surprise!

AP Photo/Sun-Times Media, Brian Jackson

I sometimes think that leftists intentionally do sketchy things in elections just to enrage Republicans. 

How else can you explain the transparently ridiculous excuses for Democrat-leaning ballots suddenly appearing days after an election, only to massively swing election results?


It's like they want us to see it and complain so that their allies in the media can gaslight the public and smear us as conspiracy theorists and election deniers. It drives us crazy, and the public seems to tolerate it because confronting the fact that our elections are rigged is dispiriting. 

Yet another example of this phenomenon took place in Chicago again, when over 9000 ballots were "discovered" during the excessively-long counting process, threatening to swing the election for prosecutor away from a moderate Democrat to a loony leftist

A tough-on-crime Democrat was leading her progressive opponent by more than 10,000 votes on Election Day in the Democrat primary election for the second-largest prosecutor’s office in the nation. But the former judge is now leading by only about 2,000 votes after the Chicago Board of Elections (CBOE) “mistakenly left out” more than 9,000 mail-in ballots in their count of ballots received by Election Day.

“Approximately 9,143 Vote By Mail additional ballots” that were allegedly not included in the original tally were counted on Friday and Saturday, helping to tighten the Cook County State’s Attorney primary race. Eileen O’Neill Burke was leading Clayton Harris III by less than 5,000 votes on Saturday, and that lead had shrunk to roughly 2,000 votes by Monday, according to the Associated Press. O’Neill Burke initially had a roughly 10,000 vote lead on Election Day, the Chicago Tribune reported.

“In adding up the total number of Vote By Mail ballots the Board had received back so far, I mistakenly left out additional ballots that had been received back via USPS the evening of Mon, 3/18,” a statement from CBOE spokesman Max Bever said.


"As quickly as I could." Entire countries can tally the election results in a few hours. The City of Chicago is nearly a week into the process, and "discovering" votes. 

Let's assume for the moment that there is no actual cheating going on--all we have here is bad optics from which to judge, after all--this sort of thing goes on all the time in our elections, especially in the heavily Democrat cities. A substantial fraction of our population is skeptical of our elections process, and with good reason. The lack of transparency, the inability to confirm the validity of votes, the ballot box stuffing done by ballot harvesters, and the private funding of elections all undermine faith in our elections. 

The Democrats are fine with that. It is as if they are rubbing our noses in our inability to secure elections. 

Decent people in the Chicago area still express faith that things will turn out all right there, and perhaps they are right. I hope they are right. But recent experience demonstrates that Democrats not only are fine with sloppy elections, but appear to revel in them. They fight tooth and nail to prevent any election security at all. 


I, for one, am not fine with that. If you want people to feel like their vote counts, you must ensure the ballots are secure. And if there are no shenanigans going on, the Democrats should be fine with a more accountable system. 

They are the opposite. They throw tantrums at the most modest ballot reforms--even ones supported by the majority. 

That stinks to high heaven. 

As for the Cook County prosecutor race, let's hope that sanity prevails. But don't be surprised if there is a recount where more ballots are "discovered."

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