$15 Billion in Reparations from...Boston

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Leftist churches in Boston are calling on their fellows to get behind a plan for reparations for Black Bostonians to the tune of 15 BILLION dollars...and that is, they say, just a start. 


To put that in perspective, the White population of Boston is about 300,000, more or less, who are being asked to shell out about $40,000 each as penance for what their ancestors did. 

Not a bad start for what promises to be an unending series of demands for ever more reparations, which will be necessary because even this large sum of money can't fix the problems of Boston's Black community, which are more social than economic. 

Not to mention that if those problems were ever solved, the activists who themselves make a good living off proclaiming the victimhood of various demographics would have to find other work

Boston’s religious leaders, joined by an assembly of Black and White clergymen, are calling for historic “White churches” to commit to reparations.

The substantial sum of $15 billion is being urged to support the Black community in Boston, as a measure of restitution for the churches’ past involvement in slavery, the leaders said in a gathering at the Resurrection Lutheran Church.

The demand was orchestrated by the Boston People’s Reparations Commission for the institutional role played by the city in the transatlantic slave trade. The sum is also intended to endorse further reparations from the city itself.


In some ways, the outlandish sum of money serves the political purposes of the Leftists who demand it. There is no way that Boston could disgorge this amount to the 167,000 Black residents of the city, ensuring that the grievance culture activists need to exist continues forever. Imagine if the city scraped together $15 billion and met the demand. Would demands ever cease? Could the debt ever be repaid?

Baptist leader Archbishop Leo Edward said the U.S. has failed to provide the promised “40 acres and a mule,” which was once promised to free slaves.

And what of Boston's Irish residents, who faced discrimination both here and abroad? Should Boston and Great Britain open their checkbooks? Perhaps the Italians and the Chinese could get in on the grift? Would Michelle Wu be eligible for reparations from Boston, Chicago, and mainland China? Her parents were Taiwanese; she was born in Chicago and now is the Mayor of Boston. She has claims of oppression from multiple jurisdictions. 

The California Reparations Board proposed Black residents get $1.2 million in reparations each, a sum that was summarily rejected even by the liberal legislature and government. This ensures that activists will have decades of anger to generate at how unjust the state is to them.


And, in the end, that is what this is all about. No sane person would reject a large check if offered, but in this context people are justified in being angry that one wasn't. 

Activists rejoice! Your grift has a bright future. 

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