You Can't Make This Crap Up

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Three posts on Canada in one day. In what sane world would Canada be that interesting?

Well, we live in an insane world, so here goes....


The CBC--Canada's government propaganda machine pretending to be a "news" outlet--is warning people in Calgary that an effort to recall the Mayor isn't what it seems to be.

Rather, it is a conservative plot! Beware! Conservatives are organizing to win political offices because they disagree with progressives!

This used to be called "freedom," but these days it amounts to a subversive plot to overthrow the dictatorship of the proletariate. The Kulaks must be hunted down and eliminated. 

You think I am exaggerating? (Hint: I am, but just a bit.) Here is the CBC's take on the recall effort:

A citizen's effort to recall Calgary's mayor is facing increased political scrutiny after a document began circulating on social media this week suggesting the endeavour is being supported by a group with the stated aim of putting more conservatives on city council. 

Landon Johnston, a local HVAC business owner, began an official bid last month to collect 514,000 signatures from Calgarians who want to remove Mayor Jyoti Gondek from office. When he launched the petition, he said he did it because he wasn't satisfied with Calgary's leadership.

Increased scrutiny! Because, horrors!, it is being led by people who think the Mayor is doing a bad job and want to put in more conservatives. 

It requires scrutiny because the organizer said he wasn't satisfied with Calgary's leadership, but now that other conservatives are involved the effort must be seen as a dark and deep conspiracy. 


Last month, Project YYC was registered as a trade name with the province by Roy Beyer. A Project YYC Facebook page has also launched, calling itself a non-profit organization it says aims to make Calgary "a better place for all." It includes a link to a Recall Gondek website. 

Tuesday, when a document attributed to them began circulating on social media, there was widespread speculation about what it meant. It included a list of names of people known in conservative circles. The document states the goal of Project YYC, in addition to supporting the Recall Gondek campaign, is to support the creation of a "big tent coalition" to elect for a "common-sense conservative mayor and counsel (sic)" in Calgary in 2025.

Surely this must be outlawed. All these conservatives are conspiring to get people to exercise their democratic rights to replace politicians of whom they disapprove. 

What next? White hoods? Nazi salutes? Gas chambers?

Calgarians will have likely noticed billboards that have popped up around the city in recent weeks with the campaign's slogan, "Recall Gondek." Visiting the website on those signs brings a user to a website that lists petition signing locations and calls for volunteers. At the bottom of the page a statement reads, "Paid for by Project YYC."  

Up until now, the public face of the effort has been Johnston, the local business owner, who has been collecting signatures to recall Gondek since early February. On Tuesday, Gondek asked how an "individual on a solo journey" could have the money to fund the number of billboards and other advertising that has been popping up around Calgary.


The problem, it seems, is that the recall effort is a coalition of dissatified voters, and the Mayor and CBC think that it would only be legitimate if it were underfunded and run as a solo operation. 

In other words, the recall effort is legit as long as it is doomed to fail; once it gained steam it is a threat and needs "increased scrutiny." 

There is nothing shocking about a politician slinging mud at others who oppose her; there is something more than a bit disturbing about state-run broadcasters pushing dark conspiracy theories in order to slander the opposition. 

It smells of Pravda. Which, of course, it really is. Almost all the news media in the Anglosphere these days are an adjunct to the leftists in charge. 

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