Nigel Farage Confirms the Obvious

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The transnational elite went bonkers when Trump, at a campaign rally, mused that if Europe didn't step up and meet its agreed-upon defense obligations to NATO, then Russia could do whatever it wanted. 


It was classic Trump. An outrageous statement that made people sit up and take notice. And it worked. 

The MSM and the pundits went bats**t crazy, accusing Trump of abandoning a 75-year alliance that has ensured (mostly) peace in Europe out of a fit of pique over a few bucks here or there. 

Oddly enough, European governments actually understood Trump, and responded as any rational person would: plan to increase their defense spending, as they already knew they had to do. Few of them went as nuts as the commentariat because, as much as they hate to admit it, Trump is right. 

Nigel Farage met with Trump and let the cat out of the bag: Trump dropped this bombshell as a negotiating tactic--one that he freely admits to using all the time. He wrote a book about it. He spoke to GBNews after meeting with Trump and confirmed what any rational observer already knew. 


During his presidency, Trump proved that if there is one thing at which he excels as president, it is foreign policy. His bull in a China shop is an extremely effective strategy, and it helped him achieve many goals that people thought were impossible. Like bringing Israel and the Arab states together. 

His biggest foreign policy failure, if you could call it that, was his inability to force Europeans to honor their commitments. After a succession of presidents who were pushovers, Europeans thought they could outwait Trump and count on America to defend them without contributing to the effort. 

It seemed like a good bet, and temporarily proved to be so until Russia invaded Ukraine. Suddenly their reliance on the US seemed a bit shortsighted, not because the US wouldn't help, but because the US doesn't have unlimited resources. Even before Trump's musings there was a lot of talk about upping defense spending. 

Now that a renewed Trump presidency is a real potential, European countries are scrambling to comply with Trump's eminently reasonable demands. After all, he isn't asking them to do anything beyond what they promised and failed to deliver for decades. And, with a potential conflict in Asia, a US focus on defending Taiwan puts Europe at far greater risk than in a stable world with a complacent POTUS. 


Trump's use of hyperbole has had very mixed results in the US, but it has proven invaluable in diplomatic negotiations. Our adversaries are put on their back feet, and now our friends are beginning to listen. After years of dismissing Trump they are responding in rational ways. 

Few things are as frustrating as Europe's failure to honor their NATO commitments. While the transnational elite attacks Trump, it has been the Europeans who have reliably failed to deliver on their promises. Simply put, with the exception of the Eastern members of NATO, they have been moochers. 

Trump's tactics are likely to work, and a demand for a 2% spend on national defense is extremely modest. As things stand no NATO country west of Poland is capable of self-defense. That has to change. 

Good on Trump.

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David Strom 10:00 AM | April 16, 2024