European Central Bank: Go Green or Go Home

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THIS IS A REPRINT OF A VIP POST FROM LAST MONTH. I decided to post it as a regular article weeks later because it is important for people to know that our overlords are stacking the deck everywhere. 


“I don’t want these people anymore.”

At least he is blunt. 

Those are the words of one of the most powerful people in Europe and the world, regarding Central Bank employees who are skeptical of the measures the bank is taking to turn the European economy "green."

FRANKFURT ― A top European Central Bank official stunned employees by saying people who don’t buy into the institution’s green objectives aren’t welcome to work there.

Frank Elderson, one of six members of the ECB’s executive board, told an internal meeting: “I don’t want these people anymore.”

His comments, verified by POLITICO, have sparked outrage among ECB staff, who described them as “authoritarian” and said they showed a free and open discussion about climate change ― and the role the bank should play in tackling it ― was no longer possible at the Frankfurt-based organization. 

At the meeting earlier this month, Elderson asked employees ― some in person, some online ― “Why would we want to hire people who we have to reprogram?  Because they came from the best universities, but they still don’t know how to spell the word ‘climate.’”

You do have to hand it to him; he admits that brainwashing employees of the Bank was an option, but it needs to be more cost-effective to make it worthwhile. 

The ECB is to the Euro what the Federal Reserve is to the dollar, making it the second most powerful central bank and one of the most important economic institutions in the world. And the ECB is determined to remake the European economy along the lines of a WEF fever dream, with fewer farms, more windmills, and an impoverished populace in thrall to the technocratic elite who belong in charge. 


The debate at the Bank is degenerating into a farce because one of the main criticisms of Elderson's comments is that they put the Bank's DEI policies at risk. You really can't make this stuff up. 

Clash of the Titans! DEI vs Climate alarmism...they could charge money to conservatives who might be interested in a PPV of the debates of the dips**ts who want to impose this stuff on the rest of us. 

The comments drew an angry reaction from employees who took to a private chatroom for bank staff. Their responses were also seen by POLITICO.

Elderson, who is the bank’s climate czar and vice-chair of its supervisory arm, “killed the ideal of diversity and inclusion in one sentence,” said one member of staff. “I thought these underpinned the culture of this institution.” They described the Dutchman’s comments as “authoritarian.” 

Others warned his comments risked fostering “groupthink,” which would impair the ECB’s decision-making.

Given that there is ample room for debate about the climate policies themselves--after all, the green policies of Germany have turned into a s**tshow, and the UK is battling similar issues--you would think that having skeptics within the fold to round out the debate would be seen as a good thing, even by greenies. Assuming they care about achieving their goals rather than just reworking the economy into a degrowth machine. 


Add to that concern the obvious one that the diktats of central bankers are not exactly the most democratic means to make policies, and you can see why Elderson talks about the necessity of "reprogramming" his minions. No independent thinkers are allowed if you are interested in simply imposing the autocratic will of a few. 

But of course, autocracy is the point. The EU Parliament is itself more democratic theater than anything else. It is the bureaucrats who actually make policy. The pretense that the plebs of Europe have any real say in their governance is a joke. 

That's what the farmers' protests in Europe are really about--the systematic disenfranchisement of the populace. 

I regularly step back and ask myself "Is the transnational elite really so bad? Am I making too much of these measures?" 

And every time I ask, I answer: "Yes, they are that bad, and no, you can't criticize them enough."

Xi Jinping would be proud: “Why would we want to hire people who we have to reprogram? 

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