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Google is a propaganda machine masquerading as a search engine. 

Yeah, I know. This shouldn't be a surprise, but as with so many things that are part of our daily lives things like this just become part of the environment, no longer noticed. 


As with Google Gemini, some patient internet sleuths have poked around to see how Google answers questions in order to see just how biased it is. 

In most cases, Google stacks the algorithm to ensure you get the kind of answers they prefer you see, but in at least a few they simply ignore your question and return results that are to a question you didn't even ask. 

I saw this claim online and decided to try it out myself, using a couple of different search queries.

The results are clear: Google doesn't want you see information on Americans who are victims of crime by illegal immigrants, but rather to focus your attention on immigrants who have been victimized. 

Searching for information on immigrant victims of crime is perfectly reasonable and if I was looking for that information, I would be pleased that Google had the answers to provide me. 


But that is not the question I asked, dammit! Google knows that. Heck, it seems to read my mind at times, in a really creepy way. 

This is clearly orchestrated by our tech overlords, who want to own not just everything in the physical world, but who also want to own every thought you and I have. 

If we are thinking the wrong things, they will set us right. 

Every day we seem to be reading about illegal immigrants committing a range of crimes, ranging from retail theft to assaults and from rapes to outright murders. Throw in a child molester or two and you have a news day. 

That leads me to believe that the question has come up more than once for Google and that the powers that be there very much want us to see the world in an extremely slanted way. 

Are illegals committing lots of crimes? That's bad for the Narrative™, so let's push this alternative narrative to prevent wrongthink. 

Crimes committed by illegal aliens have increased by 95% since Trump left office. That's a pretty inconvenient statistic, and one that could actually cost Joe Biden the election. 

More illegal immigrants have been convicted of murder since October than happened under Trump in his four years in office. And that is just convictions. Who knows how many have gotten away with murder, literally?


Nationwide there were a total of 11 criminal convictions of noncitizens for either homicide or manslaughter during the four years of the Trump administration. There have already been more murders committed by noncitizens since last October – 14 – than occurred during the entire four years of the Trump presidency. In the three years and one month that Joe Biden has been president there have been a total of 165 murders committed by noncitizens (that are known of). The murder rate of American citizens by noncitizens has risen 15-fold since Joe Biden became President of the United States. In other words, Americans are now 15-times more likely to be a victim of a noncitizen than they were during the Trump administration. And it goes right down the line. Pick your crime and the story is the same. There were more sexual assaults by noncitizens that happened during Joe Biden’s first year in office than happened under the Trump presidency.  

Google doesn't make it impossible to find this information while using their platform--at least not yet--but they are stacking the deck in obvious and less obvious ways. 

Google has an 87% market share in the search market, and that number won't be decreasing dramatically any time soon. Chances are good that you use at least one Google product in your daily life, and even better that Google provides services that are invisible to you but shape your life. 


It, as much as the government itself, has a death grip on many aspects of your life. It is nearly inescapable, short of being divorced from the modern world. 

I wish I had an easy solution for conservatives to excise Google from their lives, but I don't. I have a gmail account, use Google Sheets to share some information with others, and often use Google search. 

Time to figure out how to divorce myself from the company. 

I'll Google how to do so...

UPDATE: Others have been experimenting and the results are wild

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