The MSM Is Corrupt Beyond Repair

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[Note: Bumped from 2/22 to 2/23. -- Ed]

It's not news that the MSM is obsessed with pushing a narrative and that the narrative is grotesquely slanted to the left. 


That's why Americans' trust in media is at record lows. The decline has been rapid, and there is zero chance it will reverse any time soon. 

Pretty much the only people who express any trust in the sewage that the MSM pumps out are people who love to swim in it: Leftists. 

But that doesn't mean that the propaganda mills that our media have become don't accomplish the task to which they have been set. As much as people know that what they have been sold is crap, it's still the only news that most people ever get. 

By sheer force of repetition, people wind up believing much of what they are told, even though they know it is slanted. Millions of Americans believe in the Russia, Russia, Russia hoax and a whole host of other lies. As long as the media selectively edits clips, loudly and often repeats lies, and pushes for the censorship and "fact-checking" of alternative media, lies often become conventional wisdom. 

Consider the recent firing of investigative reporter Catherine Herridge by CBS. 

Herridge is one of the best reporters in the business and one of the only ones outside of Fox News willing to challenge the Biden Administration's gaslighting. She has covered a number of stories few others would touch, and for that sin, she was just let go by CBS. 


Not just let go; it did something unprecedented: it seized her files filled with confidential information, including sources – even her files dating back to before she worked for CBS. 

It's hard to imagine this was done for any reason other than crippling her ability to pursue stories, and those stories were not good for the Biden Administration. The union is up in arms, and free speech advocates are livid. But CBS is sticking to its guns: Herridge must be silenced. 

Jonathan Turley is doing some great reporting on this incident, and it's troubling, to say the least. He has been talking with insiders and outsiders, and the level of shock at CBS' actions is off the charts. Confidential sources for reporters are going to clam up because nobody believes that a corporation owned by BlackRock will protect their identities. 

Would you trust BlackRock to stand up to the Biden Administration? Or Disney? Or Comcast? Hardly. Best to clam up lest the powers that be come after you. 


When the government and the media talk about "misinformation," they are arguing for censorship of contested ideas. But they often talk about "malinformation" as well, which is defined as true information that is "harmful."

The MSM is in bed with the government in suppressing both ideas and facts they don't want you to hear. 

The only defense against this increasing suppression of information and opinions is the expansion of alternative media. 

The MSM cannot be allowed to have a monopoly in the media. And, to be clear, the government, the media, and Big Tech are doing their best to squeeze independent media like HotAir, Townhall, PJ Media, and all the Substack reporters out of business. 

The attacks are relentless, and most are behind the scenes. Big Tech reduces our reach and declares us "unsafe" for advertisers. Some stories – many of those that wind up behind our paywall – are simply demonetized. I dislike writing VIP posts on important topics, but we must because Big Tech suppresses certain subjects. 

It's infuriating. And destructive. 

For these reasons, we keep pushing our readers to sign up for VIP memberships. We often promote the benefits of joining VIP – the shows, the VIP columns, being able to comment on our stories... And all those are nice perks. Ed talks about all the great stuff we provide, so I won't belabor the point. 


In my view, the real reason to sign up is to join the fight against the Social Credit System Establishment. The powers that be don't want us to exist or you to read alternative ideas. We have low social credit scores, so must be shunned. 

So fight back against them by helping us and others keep up the fight! Slowly but surely, we are breaking through, but we need your help to reach more people. 

If you think conservative reporting is important – holding those in power accountable, investigating corrupt Democrats – become a HotAir VIP member today and use promo code SAVEAMERICA to receive a 50% discount on your membership.

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