Constitution? What Constitution?

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We keep on being gaslit with the argument that Joe Biden is dedicated to preserving the norms and laws of our Republic, while Trump is bent on destroying our Constitutional Republic. 


As with so many things argued by the Left, the opposite is the case. 

When Trump overstepped his authority and was chastised by the Court, he bowed to their authority. Biden? He does the opposite and brags about it. 

Example #1 is, of course, his student loan forgiveness efforts. 

Biden ran on providing student loan forgiveness, and when he assumed office, he tried to wipe away billions in this debt with the stroke of a pen. 

It was a blatant overreach of his authority, and before he did it, he and other Democrats acknowledged that fact. His actions had no legal basis, yet he did it anyway. 


The truth is that Democrats regularly attack the court, up to and including threatening them explicitly and implicitly. There has been a multi-year effort to discredit Clarence Thomas by throwing absurd accusations against him--accusations that even his most liberal colleagues reject as absurd and an attack on the Court. 

Chuck Schumer has taken a number of swipes at the Court--he tried to defund Supreme Court security despite increasing threats to the lives of Justices, and he warned them pointedly that they would "release the whirlwind" if they continued making conservative decisions. 

Then, of course, are the continual threats to pack the Court, and I am quite certain that if Biden gets a second term he will move swiftly to do so. 

Democrats have spent the last decade violating American laws and norms regularly. They have shredded the First Amendment, sent the FBI and Homeland Security after conservatives, labeled Catholics potential domestic terrorists, and have even lied to the Courts in their pursuit of Trump. 


The intelligence community has engaged in a multi-year disinformation campaign against Donald Trump, and our justice system has been twisted out of recognition to destroy him. 

Add it all up, and you get nothing less than a concerted effort to subvert the laws and norms of our Republic and a shredding of the Constitution. 

The cancelation of student loans is absurd on its face, but it is hardly the end of the Republic. But it is a symptom of the larger effort to turn our country away from the rule of law to the rule of rulers. And those rulers will be members of the Elite, because they will destroy anyone else who defies them. 

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