Coulter's Law

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Call it "Coulter's Law."

"The longer it takes for the media to identify a perpetrator(s) of an outrageous crime, the less likely the perpetrator(s) is/are to be straight white and male."


A corollary would be "outrageous crimes committed by perpetrators who are not straight, white, and male will be memory holed as quickly as humanly possible."

Ann explained her law on Bill Maher's show on Friday, appearing alongside Van Jones. 

How do we know that the Kansas City shooters weren't white and male? Because the police haven't revealed the identity of the shooters in any way, shape or form. If they were white, we would have been told who they are already, at least in general terms. 

Maher made fun of Coulter's "special powers," but everybody with an ounce of common sense knew that Coulter was right. The only politically correct criminals are white males; crime by any other type of human being has to be downplayed. 

Coulter was almost immediately proven correct, as TMZ got exclusive video of the shooters and...they weren't white men. 

You knew they wouldn't be. I knew they wouldn't be. Everybody knew that, because we weren't told who they were.

The excuse for the identity black hole in this case is that two of the perpetrators were juveniles, and it's true that juveniles shouldn't have their names splashed all over the media, at least until their guilt has been established. 


But we all know that this rule only applies when the media wants it to. If they want to use a child as a player in their Narrative, they will rip their lives apart on a whim. 

Kansas City, Kansas City. The only difference was the narrative that they wanted out there. Ironically, it turned out that the white male child they were lynching turned out to be a Native American, but, hey, he LOOKED white and hence not off limits. 

The controversy over a child wearing face paint went on for days, even weeks. I went to Google and looked up the Kansas City shooting and there are no national stories on the shooting in the past few days. Even the TMZ video didn't get play in the MSM. 

You can bet if they were white supremacists, the story would be different, right?

The Covington Catholic kids were all juveniles, but the media was thrilled to drag their names through the mud in order to push a false narrative about MAGA males harassing a Native American "elder," whatever that is. Liberals went INSANE over that story, and it was entirely concocted. 

These are all examples of Coulter's Law and its corollaries. Race determines how the media covers stories.


More generally, race, gender, sexuality, and ideology are the story if it can be spun in a way to make straight white males look bad, and the farther up the intersectional ladder you go, the less likely the media is to report the story. 

You can almost predict a story's life cycle depending on who does the crime. In Chicago, mass shootings aren't uncommon at all, but barely get a bit of notice because both the perpetrators and the victims are Black. 

The irony is that this differential reporting has become so obvious that it fuels racism instead of tamping it down. It's not like people don't notice, and refusing to acknowledge the obvious creates a "Streisand Effect," drawing attention to something by denying information about it. 

Or perhaps there is no irony here. It could very well be that increasing racial tension is the point. 

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David Strom 6:40 PM | April 18, 2024