Homeland Security: We Don't Track Illegal Immigrants

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Am I surprised that the Department of Homeland Security doesn't track the illegal immigrants it lets into the country?

Of course not. The Biden Administration has made it clear that they want to flood the country and are happy they are moving around freely. In fact, they get free flights and bus trips, and their entry papers are as good as a passport, allowing them to go wherever they want no questions asked. 


So when a Washington Post reporter asked about where the illegal immigrants are going, the Department replied with what amounts to a shrug

Who knows?

Come on in! No questions asked. In a few years, you are expected to show up for a hearing (for which most will never arrive), but until then, it will be easier for you to disappear than any US citizen and easier to fly. Oh, and here is a list of states that will issue you a driver's license no questions asked...

Newly uncovered emails between Department of Homeland Security officials and journalists show the agency tasked with protecting U.S. border and domestic security admitted it is not tracking illegal immigrants after they were released from federal custody into the interior of the country.

In the emails obtained by the watchdog group Protect the Public’s Trust in a Freedom of Information Act request, one DHS official told a Washington Post reporter off the record he could not say how many immigrants are settling in Northern states via border state busing programs because the agency does not track those released from their custody.

“Are more people deciding to settle in DC/New York or, more recently, Chicago as a result of the program where they might have previously been inclined to remain in Texas or Arizona?” the reporter asked in a September 2022 email reviewed by Just the News.

“Off the record, that’s hard for us to say because they’re getting on those buses after they’re already out of our custody,” the official answered.


This was back in 2022, and given the millions of people who have crossed the border illegally since then, the chances that we could find any of them if we chose to has decreased to nil. 

This is what counts as "Homeland Security" these days. 

Obviously, no "off the record" comment from a source would ever be printed by a newspaper, but these emails were obtained through a FOIA request by the organization Protect the Public Trust. 

There is something utterly dispiriting about this level of government betrayal of our citizens. We keep reading reports of crimes being committed by illegal aliens and the development of criminal gangs in the US made up of illegals. In Kansas City, at least one of the shooters at the victory parade apparently was an illegal alien, and there may be more. The police have yet to say. 

Things have gotten so bad that even Democrats at the local level are screaming for mercy, but the Biden administration has proven determined to continue this insane policy. 


The so-called "Bipartisan" border security bill that just got tubed has nothing to do with security but rather was intended to ensure that the government could process illegal immigrants crossing the border more quickly. While the Border Patrol endorsed the plan because it was "better" than the existing policies, it was better only because getting waterboarded once an hour is better than twice an hour. 

Our federal government is betraying us. Whether you support looser immigration or tighter is irrelevant to this issue. It all boils down to whether you support legal immigration. 

Borders should matter; if our federal officials don't enforce them, they need to go. Unfortunately, we all know the Senate won't convict Mayorkas. 

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