Government Workers Are Trying to Take Over Congress Now

During the Trump administration government employees took it upon themselves to undermine their boss because they didn’t like him or his policies.

This is arguably an insurrection in itself, attempting to override the decisions of the elected leader and enforce the policy preferences of people who actually were elected.


In the case of the Executive branch, even the MSM was bragging about and platforming staffers who brazenly admitted that they were defying President Trump. Even Joe Biden staffers have been protesting–in public–against their boss’ Israel policy. They should be fired, of course, but they haven’t been, of course.

Now, this same phenomenon is happening in Congress, where staffers are revolting and trying to thwart the will of elected leaders.

As you can imagine, the revolt against legitimately elected leaders is coming from the Left. The entitled brats who are being trained in our Left-wing educational institutions have been imbued with such a sense of moral superiority, and a belief that any and all activist tactics are justified are now safely ensconced in our government and corporations. They are in a position to run things, not by dint of rising through the ranks due to competent execution of their tasks, but rather by banding together and crippling the operations of the organizations in which they work.


Major corporations are terrified of their employees–employees that their HR departments recruited because they are Left-wing. In many cases the executives feel helpless because, well, who will they hire? It seems that most of the kids are like this.

(Hint: don’t hire anyone from a prestigious school. State school students are generally more sane, and many people who never went to college have common sense despite going to public schools.)

Perhaps the most prominent example of staffer activism in recent years is the creation of the Congressional Workers Union. Eighteen offices of members or committee staff have unionized since the House voted in 2022 to protect aides who collectively bargain (H. Res. 1096).

The union is in part the product of younger, more tech savvy staff who have begun to challenge their bosses online. Aides have exposed toxic lawmakers publicly, especially on the anonymous social media forum “Dear White Staffers,” and leveraged the visibility into hostile work environments to petition for better and more transparent pay and workplace protections.

Ironically, Bloomberg first highlights this trend with an inapt example: a staffer for Rep. Henry Cuellar resigned because he disagreed with his Congressman.

That is how it is supposed to work, Bloomberg.

Instead Bloomberg almost applauds those staying within the government in order to press their bosses to change. The opposite of the way it should work.

The latest war between Israel and Hamas, now in its fourth month, exposed a generational divide on Capitol Hill and across America.

Younger Americans — who don’t remember a time Israel wasn’t a regional superpower — want Israel to end its military campaign, according to polling by the New York Times and Siena College. Adults over 45 in contrast are more likely to support the war effort.

The same dynamic is playing out in Congress, where lawmakers that average about 60 years old employ junior staff that are typically in their 20s or 30s.

“Younger people have looked at it that way rather than the more traditional way of how Washington has looked at Israel-Palestine,” said Rep. Mark Pocan (D-Wis.), who has called for a ceasefire. “That’s just matching the national trends.”

Masked staffers held a vigil on the steps of the Capitol last year to urge Congress to call for an immediate ceasefire and greater solidarity with Palestinians in the war zone. Staff, fellows, and interns have signed anonymous letters, distributed leaflets to offices, advised colleagues on how to protest without disclosing their identity, or even confronted lawmakers directly.

Congressional staffers calling for a ceasefire are mainly comprised of junior staff who lack the power to challenge their bosses directly, according to pro-ceasefire Hill staffers who spoke on condition of anonymity to protect their career prospects.


Resign, or better yet, their bosses should fire them. They have every right to disagree in private, but demonstrating against your duly elected bosses should mean you are shown out the door.

The people who elected the reps should get the final say, not some 28-year-old staffer with a chip on his shoulder and a degree in activism and whining.

Not all young people are entitled brats, but the vast majority of the young folks who get into government or nonprofit work have inflated senses of their moral importance and judgment. They know next to nothing, but demand almost everything go their way.

Advocacy spread even to the official business of Congress and the Supreme Court, especially through the work of nonpartisan staff associations.

  • Hispanic staffers want Congress to provide a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants who came to the country as children so they can work on the Hill.
  • LGBTQ+ staffers have called out House lawmakers for denigrating the transgender community, applauded passage of legislation codifying federal protections for same-sex marriages (Public Law 117-228), and rebutted a Supreme Court case carving out religious exemptions for contractors to those weddings.
  • Staff associations representing staffers of color opposed legislation eliminating the House’s diversity and inclusion office, and one representing Korean-Americans on the Hill applauded introduction of a non-binding measure condemning discrimination against Asian-Americans during the pandemic (H. Res. 153).

What is WRONG with these people. It makes perfect sense for staffers to choose who they work for based on their moral principles. It makes no sense at all for them to agitate against the will of the people. And, like it or not, the elected officials are there to–albeit imperfectly–represent the people. The staffers are there to help them accomplish that goal.

I am utterly disgusted by what young people have been taught about how government should work in a liberal democracy. Civic education has never been that sophisticated in our country–what is in our public education system? But until recently, students were taught about how the government works, consent, elections, what constitutes legitimacy, and how to make your voice heard without using coercion.

These days, everything is “By any means necessary,” gluing yourself to roads, protesting in masks, rioting, and undermining the legitimacy of the very institutions for which they work.

People need to be fired.

If you don’t approve of your boss–leave. Run against them for office. Appeal to the American people with arguments.

It really is that simple.

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John Stossel 5:30 PM | July 13, 2024