Electricity Becoming Less Reliable

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“Electrify everything.”

That is one of the many unrealistic goals of the Climate Panic fanatics.

Get rid of those ICE cars, your gas stoves, natural gas furnaces, coal and gas plants, and anything else that relies on fossil fuels.


Renewable energy will replace it all. Just wait and see.

Not so fast, says the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC). There is a serious problem with this idea: our electricity generation capacity and grid cannot carry the load, and the result will be a dramatic decrease in the reliability of electricity.

Everything will rely on electricity, and electricity production and delivery won’t be able to meet the demand.

Shocking, I know. Who could have guessed?

Last week, the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) – the body in charge of US and Canadian grid reliability – published its latest 10-year outlook, saying that “sharp increases in peak demand forecasts and the potential for higher generator retirements are raising concerns for electric reliability over the next 10 years”. The regulator is projecting electricity shortfalls in areas where legacy generator retirements are expected before enough replacements are built to meet rising demand.

In addition, there are risks that the future generation mix in some regions could fail to deliver the enough electricity to meet demand under “energy-constrained conditions” including periods of low wind output or sub-freezing temperatures which can disrupt gas supplies to power stations where infrastructure is insufficiently weather-proofed. It says most parts of the United States face blackout risks over the next 10 years.


“Most parts of the United States face blackout risks over the next 10 years.”

Bidenomics in action.

As I wrote yesterday, the Biden Administration just handed $600 million in grant funds to Left-wing nonprofits that claim to be helping manage the energy transition to a clean, renewable, electrically powered future. Groups like Climate Justice Action–recipient of $50 million–to promote a revolutionary Maoist economy in America.

A Great Leap Backward, as it were. They want to abolish “settler colonialism” and eliminate, among other things, the United States. Closing down power plants and making vast swathes of the US uninhabitable would be a good start.

They back Hamas, by the way.

That money was part of the “infrastructure” that Biden promised. You and I might think Biden’s idea was to pour billions into new power plants and grid expansion, but the kind of infrastructure he was talking about was funding political activists that the Democrats could mobilize. $600 million buys a lot of political activism, and we have some important elections around the corner.


“We are facing an absolute step change in the risk environment surrounding reliability and energy assurance,” said John Moura, director of Reliability Assessment and Performance Analysis at the regulator. “In recent years, we’ve witnessed a decline in reliability, and the future projection does not offer a clear path to securing the reliable electricity supply that is essential for the health, safety and prosperity of our communities.”

While most regions should have adequate supplies under normal weather conditions, the Northeast and Western half of the US face blackout risk in extreme conditions, and parts of the Midwest and central South areas could see shortfalls during normal peak operations. NERC concludes that additional gas-fired power stations are needed, and that the high voltage power grid must be expanded, with better processes to manage sources of intermittent generation such as wind and solar power.

It is tempting to believe that the Biden Administration is simply mismanaging the energy transition they speak about so often.


But I don’t think so. In every policy area you can name, Biden is making things worse, and so obviously worse that it can’t be a mistake. Open borders are destroying social cohesion and our budgets; our foreign policy is creating disasters everywhere in the world; inflation and deficit spending are undermining middle-class families and setting up a future economic collapse; and, of course, our electric grid is in danger of collapse.

Any one of these policies might be described as misguided; together, they look like an agenda of destruction. America is becoming Venezuela.

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