You Won't Believe Who Biden Just Gave $50 Million to Promote 'Climate Justice'

Whether or not you believe that anthropomorphic climate change is a genuine problem or not, you have to admit that our government’s programs to deal with it are thinly veiled scams.


Don’t believe me? Here is example #1 of 50 million:

The Biden Administration just announced the distribution of $600 million– more than half a billion- to various nonprofits to pass along to their pet projects (and their favorite political activists). These groups are basically Left-wing activists who serve as the shock troops of the Democrat Party.

Of particular interest is the “Climate Justice Alliance,” which, even without its deep dive into antisemitic politics of late, is a truly horrible group of communists who shouldn’t be getting a dime from the taxpayers.

Instead of a dime, though, they were just handed $50 million to hand out to their buddies to promote the destruction of the American economy and to replace it with Maoist communism.


No, I am not kidding. These people are dangerous nutcases. They are part of the anti-“settler colonialist”/anti-Western Left who deny the right of the United States to even exist, although they are quite happy to accept our taxpayer dollars.

I am not joking about this group being a version of modern Maoism. The echoes are unmistakable. Here is just a sampling from their website:

After centuries of global plunder, the profit-driven industrial economy rooted in patriarchy and white supremacy is severely undermining the life support systems of the planet. Transition is inevitable. Justice is not.

We must build visionary economy that is very different than the one we now are in. This requires stopping the bad while at the same time as building the new. We must change the rules to redistribute resources and power to local communities. Just transition initiatives are shifting from dirty energy to energy democracy, from funding highways to expanding public transit, from incinerators and landfills to zero waste, from industrial food systems to food sovereignty, from gentrification to community land rights, from military violence to peaceful resolution, and from rampant destructive development to ecosystem restoration. Core to a just transition is deep democracy in which workers and communities have control over the decisions that affect their daily lives.

To liberate the soil and to liberate our souls we must decolonize our imaginations, remember our way forward and divorce ourselves from the comforts of empire. We must trust that deep in our cultures and ancestries is the diverse wisdom we need to navigate our way towards a world where we live in just relationships with each other and with the earth.


You could call it the “Great Leap Backward” instead of the Great Leap Foreward, but much of the rhetoric and even the ideas are the same.

The Washington Free Beacon has an extensive story on CJA’s anti-Israel activism and its promotion of Palestinian “resistance” (including terrorism) of Israel’s “settler colonialism.” It is eye-opening, especially considering that after the CJA attacked Biden for supporting Israel and made explicit its desire to eliminate the United States as a country the EPA turned around and gave them $50 million to spread their ideology.

As a “grantmaker,” the left-wing nonprofit is tasked with awarding “subgrants”—which range from $150,000 to $350,000 each—and implementing “tracking and reporting systems.”

The decision raises questions as to how Biden’s EPA landed on Climate Justice Alliance for the program, given that the group has publicly condemned the administration over its support for the Jewish state. Climate Justice Alliance, a network of nearly 90 left-wing environmental groups from across the country, issued an Oct. 20 statement accusing Biden of using “US taxpayer dollars … to support a policy of genocide.”

“With this newest round of genocidal attacks by Israel on the civilian population … the Israel government has defied international law,” the group said. “President Biden must oppose this.”

In addition to its criticism of Biden over the Democrat’s handling of the war, Climate Justice Alliance has worked to justify Hamas’s terror attack on the Jewish state.

The “Free Palestine” section of the group’s website includes a statement from its sister organization, It Takes Roots, which calls the attack “the most recent escalation in the 75-year history of settler-colonialism and violence across historic Palestine” and expresses “unwavering solidarity with the Palestinian freedom struggle for self-determination and to live freely with their human rights fully intact on their lands.”

Climate Justice Alliance has also made clear that it cannot separate its environmental activism from the Palestinian cause. One week ago, the group released a video titled, “The path to climate justice travels through a free Palestine,” which “uses an anti-colonial framework to show how Climate Justice and the liberation of Palestine are connected.”

“Our hope in creating this new resource is to mobilize additional sectors of the climate movement for the fight to free Palestine,” the group said, “and to begin to shift the politics of the mainstream climate movement from carbon fundamentalism to climate justice.”


And the Climate Justice Alliance is only one of a number of groups scarfing up that $600 million in grants from the EPA.

The EPA program that enlists Climate Justice Alliance to distribute taxpayer-funded “subgrants” is called the Environmental Justice Thriving Communities Grantmaking program and is funded through Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act. As part of the program, Climate Justice Alliance and 10 other groups will receive $50 million in taxpayer funds that they will then distribute to “community-based nonprofit organizations and other eligible organizations representing disadvantaged communities.”

Climate Justice Alliance has significant control over that money. The EPA’s press release notes that the group and other “grantmakers” are in charge of designing their own “comprehensive application and submission processes” before they “award environmental justice subgrants, implement tracking and reporting systems, and provide resources and support to communities.”

There is no plausible explanation for why the American taxpayers should be showing groups like this with tens of millions of dollars. They are a communist activist group, and as far as I can tell, these grants do nothing but fund ideological extremists to engage in activism–some of which is plainly illegal. This is the same kind of malpractice as all those corporations showering BLM with hundreds of millions in the wake of the riots.


The corporations, though, were making a payoff–paying protection money. The Biden Administration is instead enlisting brownshirts for the 2024 election cycle. At least, that is how it looks to me.

It is difficult to overstate how radical the Biden Administration’s agenda truly is. Open borders are, of course, one example; throwing hundreds of millions at radical activist groups is another. Add up all their priorities and it becomes clear that the destruction of our society as it exists is the goal.

Don’t trust me? Read the website of this group that Biden’s EPA showered with your tax money. I think it should appall you.

It certainly appalls me.

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John Stossel 5:30 PM | July 13, 2024