Saying the Quiet Part Out Loud: Biden Might Lose, So Screw the Constitution

Paul Sakuma

There is a debate raging on the Left about the Colorado Supreme Court’s unconstitutional decision to strip Donald Trump off the ballot.

The decision, as you know, is based on a claim that Trump’s behavior post-election amounted to “insurrection” and that the 14th Amendment precludes insurrectionists from running for president.


I am no lawyer, but I can see many problems with this argument, including the obvious one that insurrection is a legal term with a specific definition. As it is a violation of a law, an insurrectionist must be convicted to be defined as such.

In other words, you can’t just say, “He is an insurrectionist,” and Wham! he is ineligible to be president. We have a legal system in which there is a presumption of innocence, and, by the way, Trump is not even charged, no less convicted of “insurrection” or “rebellion.”

Lots of lawyers have pointed this out, although there are plenty of Left-wing lawyers who long ago gave up on the notion of laws being anything other than malleable tools for enforcing their desires.

One would have to assume that the US Supreme Court will overturn this decision, but we still have to ask why the Left is going in this direction.

Joy Behar gives an honest answer to that question, and one I am sure is shared by many people on the Left: they think they need to do this or Trump will win. And if it takes ripping up the Constitution, they kind of like doing that anyway.


“The law must defeat him” is about as pure an expression of lawfare as there is, and as powerful a statement about what “saving democracy” means when Democrats utter the words.

The Left’s definition of “democracy,” as with so many definitions they use, has no connection to those commonly used by us plebs.

“Woman” means…well, nothing. Whatever you want it to mean, except when the definition needs to be specific. Every word means whatever they say it does, and so “democracy” means “the Left getting what it wants.”

Joe Walsh, who absolutely loathes Trump and would probably be happy to see him hang for insurrection, still thinks words have meaning. Walsh, as a former Republican and current Never Trumper/Anti-MAGA guy, still hasn’t been fully indoctrinated in the “words have no specific meaning” mantra of the Left.

1. I think Trump committed insurrection, but he hasn’t been convicted of insurrection yet. So this doesn’t seem right.

2. Because this “insurrectionist ban” is vague, untested, & may not even apply to the presidency, SCOTUS should & will unanimously (9-0) overrule this decision.

Think about his argument, which is coherent: “insurrection” has a legal meaning, and Trump hasn’t been convicted of it, and hence cannot be punished for it, and the Supreme Court shouldn’t let vague fairy dust interpretations interfere with the proper functioning of government.


In other words, even fighting evil Trump the rule of law should be followed. I think Walsh is deranged about Trump, but I can still detect a rational mind at work analyzing this issue. This is because Walsh is not a Leftist, just a Trump hater.

Behar, as a Leftist, has no similar compunctions about the rule of law. Her appeal to Walsh is simple: we can’t win if the rule of law prevails, so screw the law.

This, my friends, is about as concise a description of how the Left works as there is.

The rule of law is one of the most important inventions in human history; it constrains our otherwise unlimited appetite for power and ensures that justice is at least possible, if difficult to attain. Look around the world today and one of the most obvious things in the world is that better societies are ruled by laws, and worse ones are ruled by men.

The Left hates that. Look at societies that Leftists take over; every one of them winds up with some “people’s dictator.” Castro, Xi, Kim Jong Un, Stalin, Robespierre.

The Left is the will to power unleashed, as rarely seen in authoritarian societies, because, unlike even absolute monarchs, Leftists want to control your mind and soul, not just your body. Authoritarianism is common enough in history, but it took a Leftist to invent totalitarianism.


Either you believe in the rule of law as a guiding principle of society, or you don’t. Leftists don’t.

So next time somebody says “We need to do X to save Democracy,” remember that their definition of “democracy” isn’t yours.

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