Being Christian Is Becoming Illegal in the UK

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Several stories have been published about people getting arrested for publicly praying in the UK.

Actually, that’s not quite right because some forms of prayer are more equal than others. If you are a Muslim, you are perfectly fine praying, or for that matter, calling for the murder of Jews and the elimination of Israel as a state.


So, more appropriately, I should say that praying as a Christian is becoming illegal in Great Britain. Praying for the spread of Sharia law is just fine and dandy.

Great Britain has a law restricting any religious observance outside abortion clinics, but the laws go far beyond what you might imagine. Given abortion’s status as a legal activity in the country, it is utterly unsurprising that activities that obstruct the provision of abortions are illegal, and as unpleasant as I find abortion, I support laws that restrict activities that go beyond speech and cross the line into obstructing people entering the clinics.

I would like to see the practice of abortion stopped, but as long as it is legal, it should be protected as any other service is.

But we are far past anything resembling the protection of trade. Christians are getting arrested for silent prayers in areas that obstruct nobody and for preaching the Bible when others are offended.


Muslims have been marching in London’s streets, calling for the institution of Sharia law in Great Britain, while Christians are getting arrested for the offense of silently praying in public within sight of an abortion clinic.

At some point, one has to wonder whether, de facto, Islam is becoming a state religion. Not so much established by the state but through the suppression of Christianity and the implicit promotion of Islam.

I suspect that the reason is not so much an institutional embrace of Islam but for the pusillanimous reason that Christians will submit to state authority, even illegitimate state authority, while the powers that be fear that Muslims will riot even if they are being prosecuted for breaking the law.


Suppression of religious expression that doesn’t disturb the peace should never occur, of course, but Western European countries don’t have legal protections for free speech as in America. This allows the elite to suppress ideas that they don’t like, such as opposition to abortion or more traditional values.

This explains the attacks on Twitter/X, as I wrote about earlier today. Elon offended the transnational elite, and they are striking back.

Muslims have found a loophole: antisocial behavior, which is at least as harmful as suppression of religious liberty.

There should be one set of rules for everybody, which should be based on the principle of maximizing liberty, consistent with public order. Instead, we get this hodgepodge of suppressing Christianity and giving Muslims free rein.

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