London Has Fallen; UPDATED

I have been following London’s decline for a while now, and have written a fair amount about the societal decline in Britain.

I often speak of Western culture, and the Anglosphere as a subset of it. Generally speaking, the Anglosphere comprises Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK, and the USA–the countries that not only predominately speak English, but whose traditions and legal practices derive from English Common Law and the Scottish Enlightenment.


Obviously, these countries differ in important respects. Still, aside from knowing what side of the road to drive, citizens from one country would feel pretty comfortable navigating the streets of any of the others.

I happen to be a fan of the English Common Law and the Scottish Enlightenment and believe that the modern concept of human rights derives from the traditions embodied within them. It’s not that I believe that the ideals embodied in these traditions have been universally upheld by the societies built upon them–that is hardly the case. Rather, we judge the failures to do so based on these very ideals.

When people acknowledge that America’s record of slavery is shameful, we don’t do so based on superior non-Western values, but rather in reference to our own belief in the equality of all men.

This is why I am so saddened to see the obvious decline of London as a home for the values of the Anglosphere. While Washington D.C. may be the informal political capital of these nations, London has been its spiritual hometown.

And London has fallen to the barbarians.


When the Western Roman Empire fell and Rome was sacked, Constantinople remained the capital city of the Eastern Roman Empire, which remained for centuries. But we all recognize that the fall of Rome represented the beginning of a Dark Age for Europe. Washington D.C. may be the modern Constantinople, but the fall of London may mark the beginning of a new Dark Age to come.

That there are protesters supporting Palestinians in London neither surprises nor bothers me. Freedom of speech is one of the Enlightenment values that I cherish, and while I disagree with the perspective of the protesters, I can understand how some civilized people might disagree.

But we are not talking about civilized people. We are witnessing the rise of barbarism in the heart of London.

In Great Britain today one can get arrested for offending a transgender influencer or for suggesting a lesbian-looking cop looks like a lesbian. A 16-year-old autistic girl was ripped out of her home and subjected to what amounted to torture because she offended a cop by suggesting she looked like the girl’s lesbian “nan.”


But call for the elimination of the Jews? If you have the numbers, you can do what you want, and the police will arrest those who criticize your call for genocide. Here is a man getting arrested for insulting the pro-Hamas protesters, and the crowd powers right through the cops to assault him.

Some police officers have even privately admitted that they are arresting British people for “breaching the peace” or incitement because it is easier to control Brits than the mobs who are rampaging in London. Keeping the peace means restricting the rights of Englishmen and empowering the barbarians on the streets.

The pro-Hamas mobs vastly outnumber the pro-Israel or anti-Hamas protestors, and there is a reason for that. London is no longer a majority English city. Since 1991 there has been an immigration boom, and in the last census, White Englishmen have become a minority in the city.


As you can see from the leadership of the British government, where Rishi Sunak is Prime Minister, being White is not a requirement for being British. In fact, Suella Braverman, the Home Secretary and most vocal supporter of Israel and defender of British values is English, but born of Indian parents. She is being vilified for saying the obvious: London police are targeting British people while allowing pro-Hamas protestors to run riot.

It’s clear that the vast majority of the immigrants who have flooded into London over the past 30 years have no interest in being British. They are colonizing London. Ironically, the history of Islam is one of spreading through violent colonization.

Braverman is very vocal in opposing this development, and is getting viciously criticized for it by the ‘diversity is our strength” crowd. What makes one a member of the Anglosphere is the embrace of the Enlightenment, and many liberal Englishmen are less British than Braverman. They stand with the barbarians, she with civilization.


If demographics are destiny, the rapid demographic shift in London could prove to be its doom.

It is not the race of the person that matters–Sunak and Braverman prove that. But it is the cultural commitments that do. A vast number of Londoners do not identify as British and reject British values. They reject the Enlightenment, and they are winning in the heart of England.

For decades people have been warning that mass immigration on a scale unprecedented in modern history would fundamentally change the countries who embraced it. Europe has no cultural mechanisms to integrate such large numbers of migrants, in the way the US developed over the past couple of centuries.

And America, unlike Europe, has endured fewer waves of migrants who entered the country with no intention of eventually integrating. The new migrants don’t long to be British, French, German, or Swedish. They want to be Muslims living in Europe as cultural Muslims. Even today, most people who come to America want to become Americans, although fewer than in the past.


Even if you believe that all cultures are of equal worth, you must admit that not all cultures are compatible with each other. Assume for the moment you are just fine with Sharia law as a concept, you must admit that it is not compatible with Enlightenment values. Forcing societies that are based on Enlightenment values to embrace millions of people who demand Sharia law cannot work.

For London, it is likely too late. The tipping point happened years ago. Has that point been reached in other European cities?

It’s likely.

UPDATE: Sunak sacked Braverman, of course. Courage must be its own reward because there is no other to be had.

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