Hamas Shooting Civilians to Prevent Evacuation

AP Photo/Kin Cheung

Hamas desperately needs “martyrs” in order to carry on their propaganda campaign.

I was a bit skeptical of the claim until I saw a number of videos demonstrating that it is, in fact, almost certainly true.


I was skeptical because, in war, all sides engage in narrative building. Hamas has proven quite adept at it, and as far as I can tell Israel has no version of “Pallywood” (can you imagine what kind of fine-toothed comb the MSM would subject Israeli propaganda to?), but it is important to do your best to avoid seeking things that confirm your priors. We all do it, of course, so I try to be skeptical when possible.

Hamas representatives themselves have made clear that civilian casualties are not their concern, and even that they consider them a good thing since “martyrs” go to heaven.

Hamas’ plea to the world for a cease-fire is based on the claim that Israel is committing a “genocide” in Gaza. Such a claim is absurd on its face for many reasons, not the least of which is that Hamas is all in favor of genocide as long as the victims are Jews. It is right there in their founding charter, and in the mouths of their spokesmen who routinely declare that they want to eradicate the Jews, not just defeat Israel and make it Judenrein.

In order to make their claim credible they need pictures of dead civilians, the bloodier and more tragic looking the better.


My heart is not hard enough to be indifferent to the suffering of civilians who have nothing to do with Hamas. There are too few of them in Gaza, but their lives are worth every bit as much as an Iraeli’s or American’s. They are God’s children, and if they haven’t turned their hearts to evil they should be protected as much as possible.

Yet it isn’t Israel who is seeking to murder them; Hamas demands they stand in the line of fire, and those demanding a cease-fire from Israel are demanding that Israel sacrifice its own citizens in order to meet Hamas’ demands.

Hamas’ headquarters in Gaza is in and underneath the largest hospital in the region. This is a war crime, but of course, nobody seems to care because they are too busy accusing Israel of genocide to acknowledge that Hamas not only demands the eradication of the Jews but demands their own citizens sacrifice their own lives to achieve it.

Some Arab lives matter more than others. If you are accidentally killed by Israel, you matter. If Hamas does it, you are a martyr to be celebrated even by college students in the West.


Even the Arab countries and other Palestinians will admit that Hamas is the bad guy here and that they are eager to sacrifice Palestinians to achieve their goals. Sometimes in private, other times in public. No Arab country wants to take in Palestinian refugees because they know they will bring toxic politics with them. This is why Jordan kicked the PLO out of its territory in a vicious war. The Palestinians wound up in Lebanon and destroyed that country–Beirut used to be known as “the Paris of the Middle East.

Palestinian radicals turned it into hell.

Hamas is as responsible for the deaths in Gaza as the Nazis were for Germans in World War II. Perhaps in today’s world, the intelligentsia would be demanding a cease-fire in 1944 and negotiations that would leave the Nazis in power. “Think of the innocent Germans!”

Yes, there were innocent Germans. But the Nazi regime had to go, and as the government of Germany, it was the Nazi’s responsibility to care for them.


Many of the Hamas supporters in the US and the West are useful idiots, but far too many are simply Jew haters or in fact haters of Western civilization, which has its roots in Jerusalem. The West used to be called Christendom, and while Christians have committed their share of anti-Jewish atrocities, antisemitism doesn’t lie at its root as it does with radical Islam.

And Hamas is radical Islam. It is the Muslim Brotherhood’s chapter in Gaza.

After decades of fighting radical Islamists, we should all understand that it is a death cult, not an alternative lifestyle. We cannot live side-by-side with them, and as we are forced to choose, we should choose civilization over barbarism.

It’s not clear that the West has the backbone. We are getting blackmailed, and I fear that we will give in.

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