Washington State Vote Counting Stopped by Antifa Threats

(Mark Graves/The Oregonian via AP)

Yesterday the news came out that a number of vote-counting stations in Washington State were temporarily closed when envelopes containing white powder instead of ballots were opened. At least some of them contained fentanyl.


Election offices in King, Pierce, Skagit and Spokane counties were evacuated Wednesday after unknown white powder was found in envelopes, including traces of fentanyl in mail received by two of the offices.

Law enforcement confirmed the presence of fentanyl in the envelopes sent to Spokane and King counties Wednesday afternoon. No employees were harmed by the substance in either county.

In King County, Detective Robert Onishi with the Renton Police Department confirmed that a “presumptive” field test on the powder determined it contained fentanyl. The substance will require further lab testing to confirm and determine how much. Renton police have turned the investigation over to the FBI and, according to Onishi, cannot confirm whether the envelopes were related.

Spokane Police Department spokesperson Julie Humphreys also said fentanyl was found in the envelope at the Spokane County Elections office.

The news stories yesterday were vague and suggested there were no obvious political motives, however implausible that contention might be.

A message inside the envelope said “something to the effect of stopping the election,” Muse said. “There was no candidate that was identified. There was no religious affiliated group identified. There was no political issue identified. It was just that vague statement.”


Yeah, well, it depends on what you mean by “vague statement.”

The symbolism is pretty obviousl the trans pride flag is a pretty obvious one, as was the political message: “We are in charge now and there is no more need for” elections.

It’s an absurd demand, but hardly vague.

The three arrows symbol is definitely an Antifa symbol according to Wikipedia, and was commonly used in socialist movements decades ago.

Obviously, nobody can be certain at this point who sent the flyers and fentanyl, but the claim that there was no obvious political motive seems something of a stretch.

But this is Washington State, where the politicians bend over backward to appease Left-wing radicals and dismiss the violence they inflict. Had these been Nazi symbols there would be press conferences screaming about Donald Trump and MAGA, but Antifa disrupting elections is no big deal at all.


They like Trans people after all. They must be good.

Transtifa has a history of violence, and the most common reaction is to blame the victims for inciting it. Here you can’t do that because the victims are government workers, so they do the next best thing: cover up who did it.

It’s appalling, but it works. Propaganda works. Memory holing inconvenient facts works. Especially because the media is in on it.

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