Now That Biden's Campaign Is Off the Rails, POLITICO Discovers He Might Be Corrupt

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Remember the Hunter Biden laptop?

Way back at the dawn of time, it was Russian disinformation–Politico told us so by pushing the “51 Intelligence Officials” letter.


Since then we have read innumerable stories about how the investigations of Joe Biden’s corruption were a witch hunt pushed by nasty Republicans who were throwing s**t against the wall to see what sticks to the old man.

Yeah, well, that was before all the polls started coming out showing that Biden would probably lose to Donald Trump because his victory would likely be beyond the margin of cheating.

If you bother to read the story–don’t get too excited, they still hedge more than a bit–you should know that they are simply acknowledging what has been known for years or revealed by Republicans over the past year.

As if these undisputed facts, barely acknowledged by the MSM in their frenzy to cover up Biden’s corruption, were just dug up by the investigative work of Politico. No conservative–or any person who actually paid attention–learned a single new fact in this story. The only thing new about it was that Politico was finally willing to publish anything that suggests Joe Biden has been lying for years about his ties to Hunter’s business.

It is now OK for the media to say something about the truth–not much, but something–of Joe Biden’s sale of influence.


A POLITICO review of recent congressional testimony and exhibits, along with court filings and media reports, casts doubt on several statements made by Biden and his representatives.

They include the president’s claim that he has never discussed his relatives’ business dealings with anyone and his suggestion that the appearance of emails apparently belonging to his son was the result of a Russian plot, as well as Biden’s denials that his son made money from China and that his relatives have profited off of the Biden name.

Man, it took a POLITICO review to dig up this insight! As if this hasn’t been known by everybody who paid attention–including POLITICO reporters–for years. Geez. The laptop has been known to be real since 2019. It didn’t take an Einstein to know that it was real when it burst onto the scene–all those naked photos of Hunter and the fact that his business partner verified some emails was proof enough outside of court. And the always-leaking FBI had verified the laptop a year before it became public.

Questions about the Cafe Milano dinner have persisted in part because of the doubt Joe Biden cast over the authenticity of emails describing the event.

In October 2020, the New York Post began publishing emails provided by Donald Trump’s ally and sometimes-personal attorney Rudy Giuliani that were purportedly taken from devices Hunter Biden had left at a computer repair shop in Delaware. In the wake of their publication, Joe Biden endorsed an alternative theory about the documents: “There are 50 former national intelligence folks who said that what he’s accusing me of is a Russian plant” or “Russian plan” (his intended wording is unclear, and news organizations have quoted it both ways), he said at the final presidential debate that month.

The letter cited by Biden stated that “the arrival on the US political scene of emails purportedly belonging to Vice President Biden’s son Hunter … has all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation,” while asserting that the signers had no direct knowledge of Russian involvement.

Since then, the nature of the files has been a matter of ongoing controversy.

U.S. intelligence had indeed warned earlier in the campaign that Moscow was seeking to harm Biden’s candidacy by pushing unsubstantiated corruption claims related to the Ukrainian energy company, Burisma. But subsequent reporting has steadily accumulated to support the authenticity of the files, which a Delaware repair shop owner named John Paul Mac Isaac presented to Giuliani and which Giuliani passed on to the Post.


That’s quite a fig leaf for POLITICO to hide behind: the accused felon claimed he was innocent, so he must be. We are shocked to learn otherwise! Politico, by the way, fails to acknowledge that they broke the news of the “51 officials” letter, pushing its significance. It would be nice for a media outlet to acknowledge its complicity in a propaganda campaign.

Don’t hold your breath on that one.

The question of whether Joe Biden met a Burisma executive at a dinner at Cafe Milano has been a subject of controversy since his son’s emails leaked three years ago.

Emails in the cache show that Hunter Biden and Archer, his then-business partner, arranged for a dinner with roughly a dozen other people at Cafe Milano on April 16, 2015. A tentative guest list Hunter Biden sent to Archer included a “Vadym” at the time the pair was working closely with Burisma executive Vadym Pozharskyi.

Other email traffic shows Hunter Biden informing an attendee “Dad will be there but keep that between us for now.” And an email from Pozharskyi to Hunter Biden from the morning after the event says, “thank you for inviting me to DC and giving an opportunity to meet your father and spent some time together.”

That email and the guest list email were among a set from the cache that were authenticated for POLITICO by two digital forensics experts granted anonymity to share their findings. One expert cited a fear of retaliation for weighing in on a political controversy, and the other said contractual obligations limited the matters about which he could speak publicly.

In addition to being verified by forensics experts, the thank you email’s authenticity was further attested to in an affidavit produced by an IRS investigator on the case, which was released by House Republicans in September.


POLITICO is putting a lot of emphasis on how they “verified” the emails, as did other media outlets. All was well and good, but it sure would have been nice if they hadn’t spent weeks at the end of a campaign pushing the “fact” that it was the Russians trying to fake everybody out. Even now, they are only inching toward a full-blown acknowledgment that they have had proof in their possession of Joe Biden’s corruption for years.

Did POLITICO object to silencing the New York Post? I don’t recall that they did. Now they want credit for duplicating work that others including the Republicans have been doing for years.

Why didn’t they cover it seriously back then? The approved narrative was different. Now some prominent people want Joe Biden gone–including, perhaps, Barack Obama. I suggest that because his flunky David Axelrod is suggesting Biden get out of the race.

So criticizing Biden is suddenly OK, and POLITICO can “independently” reveal what Republicans have been saying for years. They pooh-poohed it then, but it is OK to say now. Just don’t give the Republicans credit for telling the truth when the media was trying to hide it. THAT isn’t part of the approved narrative.

The article goes into great depth on many of the accusations against Biden, and while not explicitly accusing Biden of corruption, they do accuse him of lying repeatedly about his relationship with Hunter’s business and no longer dismiss the accusations of corruption as a product of a witch hunt.


Yeah, well, I knew that. So did everybody who was smart enough to know that the MSM was covering for Biden. It’s not like there isn’t a mound of evidence.

I think everybody knows that Biden may survive this latest push to get him to bow out of the coming race, which is why there is so much hedging about “proof” that he is corrupt. But this article, along with all the other buzz about Biden’s bad poll numbers and the calls for him to leave suggest that members of the Democrat establishment are giving Biden a taste of what could be in store if he stays in the race.

“Joe, you are vulnerable. Maybe you want to preserve your reputation?”

Of course, if Biden wants to stay he will stay. Like all those Kamala reboots, media narratives can only do so much. The reality is that Joe is president and they are not.

Nixon was forced out by his party, but they had a cudgel: he was about to be impeached and Republicans were going to abandon him. It was resign or get convicted.

Biden isn’t there yet, and likely never will be. So it is up to him.

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