Nordic Countries Now Cooperating to Deport Illegals

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Sometimes it takes a punch to the gut or a slap in the face.

For many “civilized” people the instinct is to deescalate, to appease an adversary, based on the belief that civilized people do their best to avoid fights.


It’s a tactic that is smart when dealing with other civilized people. Generally speaking, fighting is a losing proposition, and if you can resolve a dispute by talking and compromise the chances that the costs of compromise will be lower than the costs of fighting are high.

But this instinct is wrong, even stupid when dealing with uncivilized people. Their goals and attitudes are fundamentally different and they see appeasement as an opportunity to get even more of what they want because they see you as weak.

That is the fundamental problem Europe faces when dealing with the influx of immigrants, who have no interest in integrating into European societies. They simply want to take them over as they bleed them dry through welfare payments.

Europeans seem to be waking up to that reality. For years they have been more than generous to the migrants flooding their borders and upending their societies. The hope has been that by providing them with government benefits, housing, and a welcoming environment they would adapt to their new societies and become civilized.



Finally, at least some Europeans are adopting a Plan B: deport as many as possible.

The response of the Arab migrants to the brutal Hamas attacks in Israel may have been a wake-up call to the very European leaders who have been attacking Right-leaning politicians and governments in Eastern Europe as fascists for rejecting the massive influx of migrants. Countries that have virtue-signaled their way into dangerous territory are reconsidering the wisdom of embracing savages.

It’s about time.

The Scandinavian countries have been among the most welcoming, and now they are about to become the most aggressive about deporting the migrants. As in Germany, which just announced a new policy of kicking illegal migrants out of its territory, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden have upped their migrant game: they are combining their resources to push back against the flow and to kick out immigrants who are becoming unwelcome.

Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden announced a new agreement on Tuesday that they were to combine their efforts on removing migrants, saying they would launch joint deportation flights and other initiatives. The agreement came out of a two-day Nordic nations summit in Copenhagen where the group said they had come to a “strong commitment” to strengthen their cooperation on migrant returns.

As well as working together to get illegal migrants out of their nations and back to their countries of origin, the group also said they would launch a join initiative to help migrants who had left their homes and made it as far as North Africa — the embarkation point for dangerous smuggler boats across the Mediterranean to Europe — to go back to their places of origin too. This, the pact says, is a programme of “voluntary repatriation”.


It’s been a long time coming. These countries have borne an enormous burden to pay for their virtue signaling. Sweden has become the rape capital of Europe, as Middle Eastern migrants have become predators of Swedish women. Bombings are a regular occurrence in Sweden of all places, and all crime has skyrocketed.

All cost, no benefits. Sweden isn’t civilizing savages; savages are brutalizing Sweden.

Eastern European countries have been warning about this danger for some time, as have conservative politicians. For their efforts, they have been the object of a slander campaign, accused of xenophobia and being labeled “dangerous” and White supremacist.

The issue isn’t racial purity, though. Most people are well beyond such idiocy, although such people still exist.

It isn’t the color of their skin, but the blackness of their hearts and the red rage they exude. The White communist extremists of the 1970s were just as savage and needed to be eradicated. The brown Islamists are no different, except in ideology. Skin color isn’t the issue, so for God’s sake shut up about it.


It is a fact that these new migrants, in large numbers, are barbarians, and barbarians should not be welcomed.

Unfortunately, it may be too late. The influx has been going on for years and in some cases decades, as European countries tried to atone for the sins of their ancestors. This is a fool’s errand; everyone has both oppressors and victims in their ancestry. You don’t see the current generation of Muslims worrying about the fact that Islam spread through conquest, not conversion. They want to continue that history, not reject it.

It’s time to quit getting punched in the gut and fight back.

Here in the US, we are beginning to see the Democrat Party’s support for Israel crumble, and for the most part, the transnational elite is too squeamish to do what it takes to crush the barbarians. The population of these countries? Not so much. They want the migrants gone.

It will be an interesting test of wills; in Germany, the populace is winning, as the ruling coalition is scared of losing power. Other countries may follow as populations rise up against the barbarian invasion.

For the most part, the US’ migration problem, while larger, has been more benign. Among the many migrants who are coming for a better life, there are far too many bad actors, and their proportion is increasing as the borders opened up. But we haven’t imported millions of potential terrorists, just thousands. The open border policy is ridiculous and dangerous, but not civilization-threatening.


Not so in Europe. They have invited the enemy inside the gates.

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