LOL: NYC Now Offering Illegal Migrants Free Plane Tickets to Anywhere in World

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It’s amazing what happens when a liberal is forced to put his money where his mouth is.

Their specialty is spending other people’s money, not their own. And it turns out that housing even a tiny percentage of the illegal aliens President Biden has invited into America is wildly expensive, and Mayor Adams hasn’t managed to find anybody else to hand the tab to.


His answer? A free ticket to anywhere, as long as he never sees their faces again.

Go away!

Now before you make the rather obvious comparison to Governors Abbott and DeSantis’ policies of sending illegal aliens to New York City and other destinations, remember this: Texas and Florida haven’t been busy bragging about how welcoming they would be to illegal aliens.

Quite the opposite. They have rightfully noted that illegally crossing the border is, in fact, illegal, and their states aren’t interested in throwing money at the party crashers.

Leave now is a corollary to “You were never welcome here in the first place.”

Mayor Adams virtue signaled himself into this corner, bragging about how morally superior New Yorkers were to the yokels down south. His city offers “sanctuary,” right?

Yeah, well, that’s all well and good until you have to follow through. When virtue signaling turns into virtue fact the fun ends.

Mayor Eric Adams is ramping up efforts to fly migrants to the destination of their choice, figuring it’s cheaper than sheltering them for months on end. And he’s simultaneously warning that those opting to stay in New York may be in for a winter of sleeping outside with shelters full.

“When you are out of room, that means you’re out of room,” Adams told reporters Tuesday. “Every year, my relatives show up for Thanksgiving, and they want to all sleep at my house. There’s no more room. That’s where we are right now.”

In recent days, the mayor of the nation’s largest city has been steering people who were vacated from city shelters to a Manhattan office devoted solely to booking plane tickets, creating more uncertainty for the new arrivals.

Dispersing them across the nation and world harkens back to when the Democratic mayor ripped Republican governors in Texas and Florida for sending migrants from the southern border to liberal enclaves. But City Hall officials defend their effort as different the migrants aren’t being coerced to leave.


Whatever. The fact is that “sanctuary” policies were never sustainable, and were in fact very bad ideas solely intended to make Republicans look cheap and churlish. That these same Republicans were having to deal with the very expensive reality that they can’t fit 8 million new dependents into their budgets made no difference to the Democrats who didn’t have to deal with the problem.

Instead, they cheered Biden on, experiencing the thrill of schadenfreude, laughing at Republicans struggling with the crisis.

Now that this crisis is theirs they are singing a different tune, except for continuing to criticize the Republicans. That is still a requirement, of course.

But that is a tough sell when you are offering to send the same illegal migrants to any corner of the world as long as they get the hell away from New York City.

The new, more aggressive “reticketing” plan comes as the city deals with the 130,000 migrants arriving since last year and as it tightens how long they can stay in shelters, forcing the newest arrivals out after 30 days.

Migrants have opted to fly to destinations as far as away as Colombia and Morocco.

I would think that New Zealand would be a popular destination. Or Martha’s Vineyard. I hear that’s nice.

Hey! I have an idea: send them home, where they belong in the first place.


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