San Francisco Suburb's City Council Stands With Hamas

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The City of Richmond, California became the first city in America to openly choose sides in the Israel-Hamas war, and unsurprisingly it chose the wrong side.

Richmond was the first city, but rest assured: it won’t be the last. Leftist-dominated cities will begin adopting resolutions like this soon enough.


It was your typical virtue-signaling move, enhanced by the slander of Israelis and the embrace of Hamas lies about a supposed “ethnic cleansing” of Gaza.

Gaza, which houses no Jews at all, is supposedly being ethnically cleansed by Israel, which has Arab citizens with full civil rights and representation in its parliament. The “facts” put forward in the resolution are a perverse inversion of the truth on the ground.


The resolution reads as folows:

Nobody denies that conditions in Gaza are hideous; what is at issue is just who is responsible for that fact. And in the case of the actual civilians dying in the war, any more casualties could be avoided by Hamas surrendering right now. Hamas has committed atrocities beyond comprehension, yet the Left has circled the wagons around these barbarians, embraced their actions, and blames Israel for the destruction that is being wrought.

Hamas goes out of its way to immiserate its citizens, and then uses that misery to propagandize against Israel. NBC just did a story about how flush with cash Hamas actually is.


No other country but Israel faces the demand that it give up the right of self-defense, and nobody serious can deny that Hamas’ actions are anything less than an act of war and attempted genocide. Hamas specifically calls for  genocide in its own charter, and proudly broadcast their brutality for the world to see.

Richmond is across the bay from San Francisco, and isn’t the wealthiest suburb by a long shot. Mostly working-class and minority-dominated, it is a bit surprising that it chose to be the first city to adopt such a resolution.

Unsurprisingly, young people were among the most vocal in support of the resolution. The standard group of “anticolonialist,” ethnic grievance, and environmental groups pushed for the resolution. As I wrote earlier, there is strong contingent of pro-genocide youth in America thanks to the propaganda in our public schools.


The groups mentioned are:

You will note that the resolution says nothing about the original atrocities committed against Israelis, as Israelis don’t count. Their role is to die, as it always is for the Jews.


Not justice for Jews who were raped, murdered, and kidnapped. But for the people who committed those atrocities.

Coming soon to a city near you.

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