The FDA Is Hiding the Ball on COVID Vax Study

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The Hamas/Israel conflict isn’t the only event in the world worth covering, although of the “news,” it is the most “new” and compelling story out there.


Unfortunately, COVID and the continued (and also unique) push in the United States to get every person with a heartbeat a new COVID shot continues, despite growing doubts in both the American public and health officials outside the US that doing so is the smart thing to do.

The Epoch Times has done some great work on the COVID-19 story, and their latest stories are about as troubling as you would expect.

Since early 2021 there has been plenty of evidence that the COVID jabs can potentially cause heart issues, including both clinical and sub-clinical myocarditis (inflammation of the heart that presents with symptoms bad enough to get people to the doctor for diagnosis, and cases with milder or unnoticed symptoms that were never formally diagnosed).

That’s why the FDA, under pressure, forced Moderna to do a study to determine how common and severe the cases were back in 2021.

Nothing much has been said about this by US medical authorities, likely because they are committed to injecting every living person with experimental vaccines. As skepticism in the public has risen, the CDC has persisted in pushing the vax. Jazz wrote yesterday about Americans’ obvious rejection of the advice (only about 2% of Americans have bothered to get the jab), and clearly, our health authorities don’t want to throw chum into the water feeding those doubts, however justified.


The FDA still lists the studies they required as “ongoing,” but when asked the FDA admits that they have the results in hand. They just won’t let anybody see them.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has received results from two studies of subclinical heart inflammation following Moderna COVID-19 vaccination, but is refusing to release them to the public—at least for now.

FDA officials in January 2022 directed Moderna to run three prospective studies on subclinical myocarditis, or heart inflammation without symptoms, after COVID-19 booster vaccination. One study, mRNA-1273-P204, would examine the incidence of subclinical myocarditis in children aged 6 months through 11 years. Another, mRNA-1273-P203, would examine the incidence in adolescents aged 12 years through 17 years. The third, mRNA-1273-P301, would examine the incidence in adults.

Moderna has shared the results of the P203 study with the FDA, an FDA spokeswoman told The Epoch Times in an email. But she declined to provide them. To obtain the results, she said, The Epoch Times would need to request them under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

Both the Epoch Times and a former FDA official have submitted FOIA requests, but the FDA has been slow walking on providing the data.

Hmmm. I wonder why.

Jessica Adams, a former FDA officer, asked for the P301 study results in July. She requested quick processing because, according to cardiologists, subclinical myocarditis can result in serious problems. She cited a recent study that discovered some sudden deaths in South Korea were caused by myocarditis, even though no inflammation was detected until autopsy.
The matter “represents an urgent and imminent threat to young people who may be mandated to take this vaccine,” Ms. Adams told the FDA.

A number of U.S. colleges have required COVID-19 vaccination for attendance. Some are requiring the newest version of the shots from Moderna, Pfizer, and Novavax, even though they were authorized with human data from just 50 people.

The FDA rejected the bid for quick processing.

“You have not demonstrated a compelling need that involves an imminent threat to the life or physical safety of an individual,” Sarah Kotler, an FDA FOIA official, told Ms. Adams. “Neither have you demonstrated that there exists an urgency to inform the public concerning actual or alleged federal government activity.”


We can all be pretty certain that if the results were “Hey, no problem, everything is cool with the vax,” we would have seen the results immediately. This is pretty good evidence that the results are something that looks quite a bit different, although I admit this is only speculation.

But it is speculation based on years of experience being gaslit by our public health establishment. They seem allergic to telling us the truth.

Not only has the COVID saga proven that our public health establishment is hardly the paragon of virtue and competence we were led to believe, but also that it has a bad habit of covering up its screw ups. I don’t imagine that any of these folks is determined to do actual harm to people as a nefarious population control scheme–I am not quite that cynical–but I am cynical enough to believe that we are witnessing bureaucracies that made horrible errors and is engaged in a systematic coverup.

It seems likely to me that Fauci and company helped fund the development of COVID-19 through the EcoHealth Alliance, compounded its error through pushing through damaging mandates and committing to an untested strategy of using mRNA technology to produce the vaccine and rushing it out, and now is committed to policies that refuse to acknowledge the errors they made.

“It shouldn’t take a FOIA request to obtain these study results that are relevant to potentially update the benefit-risk profile,” Ms. Adams told The Epoch Times via email. She added, “I really don’t think FDA has a leg to stand on here.”

The U.S. government has a pattern of withholding information on COVID-19 vaccines, including the results of autopsies conducted on people who died after receiving one. It has faced a number of lawsuits over the withholding.

With quick processing out of the question, Ms. Varnado said it would take at least two years for Ms. Adams to receive materials responsive to her request.

She said two suits have been taking up many of the FDA FOIA office resources. In those cases, judges ordered the FDA to produce records concerning the Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines.


You don’t have to assume they are committed to a strategy of reducing the population through injection to believe they are committed to forcing people to take unnecessary risks with their health; you only have to believe they are bureaucrats who made monumental screw ups and now are working to cover it up.

That sort of thing happens every day, and twice on Sunday. It is what bureaucracies do. Add in the monetary incentives and the fact that politicians, corporations, ideologues, and the transnational elite all benefited from these policies and you get this stew of awful policies.

There is zero excuse for the FDA to hide this information from the public. In fact, it is grossly unethical, as people can’t make informed consent without the “informed” part of the equation.

This is obviously bureaucrat ass covering.


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