Biden Admin in the midst of crisis: climate change still the biggest threat US and world faces

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

The Biden Administration is the biggest threat to America right now. Not Russia. Not China. Not Iran or North Korea.


Why? Because the Biden Administration is profoundly stupid and evil and keeps creating disasters wherever it turns its attention. Biden could easily mumble, stumble, and bumble us into a world war at any moment. Biden has made every other threat to the country much worse. Those guys may be the enemy, but Biden is better placed to actually harm the US and is too stupid to keep our foreign adversaries at bay.


In the midst of all the crises America and the world face, listen to what Admiral John Kirby says is the biggest problem America faces. It is the most profoundly stupid thing I have heard since AOC opened her mouth and spoke.

I would have expected Kirby to resign in disgust, but he has instead defended Biden’s “successful” exit from Afghanistan, his failure to prevent the Ukraine war, and his border policies which have invited millions of military-age men and even terrorists into the US through an open border, and just handed billions of dollars to Iran as it planned and authorized an invasion of Israel.

I just thought Kirby was trying to be a good soldier. But no, he really IS this stupid.

Instead of being upset about the disasters he has defended, Kirby actually seems to get passionate about the existential threat that a 1.5-degree increase in global temperatures poses.


Kirby was an Admiral, for God’s sake. Yet he seems to seriously believe this. Clearly, the Biden Administration does. These people are truly insane, and Kirby is just a smoother but no less stupid Karine Jean-Pierre.

Not even the most radical climate scientists actually believe that this modest increase represents an “existential threat” to humanity. That is the sort of thing that children in Just Stop Oil think. And, apparently, a former Admiral whose passion for the issue exceeds that of preventing a nuclear war in this environment.


We can argue all day about whether and how big a threat climate change is, but anybody who thinks that human beings face extinction from a modest increase in temperatures is watching too much MSNBC. Could it be a problem? Sure. Could it be a benefit? Maybe. But it sure won’t kill off humanity. Historically speaking shifts in climate toward warmth have benefited mankind. This time it might be different, of course, but let’s just say that right now I would expect my national security leaders to be focused on avoiding a nuclear war.


Since Biden took office we have seen international crises nonstop. Things were going pretty well under Trump. Then: BOOM.

Biden is a walking, talking crisis creator. He and his administration are laser-focused on the real issues such as promoting gender confusion, medically transitioning children, labeling ordinary Americans as terrorists, censoring dissent, protecting Hunter Biden, and, of course, climate change.

Make it stop.

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