Washington DC crime is killing the city

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By now everybody has heard of the high-profile crimes in Washington DC. Congressmen get beaten and robbed, carjackings are through the root, and even the soft-on-crime Mayor is complaining that her city is down 400 cops since the “Defund the Police” movement and George Floyd riots tore through the country.


But as bad as the prominent crimes are, what is going to kill DC unless things are radically changed are the crimes that impact the day-to-day lives of DC residents. Congressmen getting carjacked, while disturbing, won’t bring down a city.

Losing stores upon which residents depend will turn the city into a third-world hellhole.

Gangs of teens are now stripping stores bare because they can. Despite the theory propounded by the criminal justice reformers that somehow police are the cause of anti-social behavior being largely accepted and acted upon by Democrats across the country, somehow crime has skyrocketed.

Who could have predicted it? It seemed so commonsensical at the time. Police cause crime. Crime will decline if we simply get rid of or reduce the number.

Democrats have been running almost all our major cities for decades, so I would have thought that their experience would have led them to have a better idea how to do so than those tougher on crime Republicans, right?

Yeah, well, no. Apparently not.

As with so many disasters in recent years this spike in crime that threatens our cities wasn’t just predictable–it was predicted. People like you and me were screaming from the rooftops that attacking police and loosening law enforcement would be a disaster, and we were proved right in mere months. Now, a few years later, our cities are crumbling. Thousands of people are dead who shouldn’t be, and our urban cores are being hollowed out.


The Democrats’ and the voters’ response?

Oh well. we will fix it.W

As I wrote about earlier today, the only law enforcement actions about which Democrats are excited is going after Trump and his supporters, whom the FBI has now designated as terrorists. The FBI talks a lot about an uptick in Right-wing violence, but can’t point to anything in particular aside from January 6th, which was almost 3 years ago. They literally pointed to all the convictions from that riot (notice how almost nobody gets prosecuted for burning down cities?) as proof that there are thousands of MAGA terrorists on the loose wreaking havoc.

Yet our nation’s capital is being destroyed by actual criminals.

No worries. Democrats will fix it, I am certain. Their criminal justice theories are sound, right?

You would think that at SOME point voters would revolt, but the simple fact is that they don’t. Ironically enough, the best example of a voter revolt was New York City when it elected Rudy Giuliani, and that was decades ago and before Rudy became a pathetic figure.

New Yorkers, for all their flaws, don’t like BS. Yet for all their ability to occasionally be sane, they went back to voting for idiots. De Blasio anyone? Admittedly, the voters probably assumed that Adams would be an improvement. We’ll see.


I would be tempted to join many of you in shrugging at the idiocy of the voters and believing that they deserve to get what they voted for, but that would be wrong. Not that the voters don’t need a wake-up call, if they aren’t too strung out on fentanyl. But America’s cities matter not just for the residents, but for the country as a whole.

My biggest frustration–and I have so, so many frustrations–is that people keep handing power to the people who they by now know are dangerous incompetent boobs who have proven their inability to run an ice-cream stand. Or a CVS.

Worse, these incompetent boobs are constantly attacking our freedoms while setting free predators to terrorize the rest of us. They censor us, they label us terrorists. They vote for open borders…

They ruin things for everybody. And get elected to do more of it. And the MSM keeps praising them for ruining things, or at best demand that we hand more power over to the very people who ruined things.

I know so many people who see the disasters, but who sincerely believe that Republicans are so bad that national ruin is preferable to Republicans being in power.

How many times have I asked such people to specify what, exactly, they think Republicans will do? What did Trump do that they think is so bad? Not what did he say; what did he DO?


I’ve never gotten a straight answer.

Was it the prosperity? Was it the fact that Blacks had the highest employment numbers on record? Was it making peace in the Middle East?

I don’t care for Trump as a person, but until 2020 I thought he was a good president.

Biden? Horrible. A TRUE threat to democracy, says a person who has been smeared by his Justice Department along with other so-called MAGA terrorists.

As I watch our cities crumble, our public schools get even worse–something I once thought would be difficult because they already were so bad–and our national morale I wonder how nearly half the country will likely vote for Biden.

Why? How? And what can we do to convince people when the evidence of their eyes–as in Washington DC’s crime wave–should convince them that it is time for a change?

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