Sunday Smiles!

Our culture is beyond parody.

We got not one, not two, but three sex-related scandals thrown at us, all of which were political hit jobs. Two out of the three were based on solid facts and one I couldn’t say.


First, we got Susanna Gibson, the Virginia digital prostitute who sold video streaming of sex acts for money online. It may (or may not) even be that she used the revenue to get her campaign up and running; all we know is that she was raising funds for a “good cause.”

Democrats rushed to her defense, some people even claiming this made her more relatable. Personally, I can’t relate to selling videos of urination and anal sex online, but it IS the 21st century, and public S&M shows are now considered educational for children.

Then we were treated to a rather salacious video of Lauren Boebert being…naughty…in a theater while (not) watching a musical. My first reaction was that I no longer wanted to date AOC; Boebert seemed more fun. But seriously, I was unpleasantly unsurprised that the roles of Democrats were reversed, with many Republicans defending her and all the Democrats who love paying for pee tapes (what IS it about Democrats and pee tapes?!) being horrified by Boebert’s actions.

I suppose Boebert should have sold tickets to watch the public grope, and the Democrats would have been happier, sex work being work and all that… As for Republicans? All I can say is that I am pleased that quite a few refused to be hypocritical and actually admitted that public groping is, in fact, not cool. But many Republicans did not cover themselves in glory.

I do actually want an explanation for why the video was centered on Boebert and was of such high quality. It clearly wasn’t a cell phone video, and it would be quite a coincidence that a security camera (in a theater?) was directly focused on her. Was this normal surveillance of the audience, or was it Boebert-specific?


Answering that question is irrelevant to Boebert’s political future, which seems in doubt. It’s not like she is in a safe seat or anything. But it is a legitimate question. If Republicans are under surveillance I would like to know. That seems especially creepy and evil. So I hope there is an innocent explanation.

The third sex scandal is regarding Russel Brand, who went from lefty hero to conservative hero. You can always count on scandals suddenly appearing in such circumstances because that is how Democrats roll. Traitors to the cause are savaged. That doesn’t mean the accusations are untrue–it simply means that they require scrutiny.

Is he being Borked, Thomased, or Kavanaughed, meaning that the accusations were cooked up? Or were Democrats aware of Brand’s genuine misdeeds and protecting him until he became less lefty? Or are these just accusations that pop up from time to time in the normal course of life and might be true?

I suspect answers one or two. Even the news story that broke open the scandal said the accusations came from a reporter’s digging into accusations that didn’t come from the women in question, which tells me that this was a hit job. Again, hit jobs may be about real things, and often are. And often aren’t, too. We shall see in due course. Or not.

In the 1990s the United States could easily afford to spend time on the sex lives of politicians without harm to the country. The Soviet Union had fallen and all the bad guys were scared of the US after the first Iraq war. The economy was doing very well, and while China was busy bribing Bill Clinton with campaign dollars they were still a poor and weak country.


In 2023 we have a senile octogenarian busy dismantling our economy and our military, a septuagenarian opponent whose one desire in life is redemption and doesn’t care how much damage he does getting it as his likely opponent, and a militarily ascendant China with internal political instability threatening Taiwan. Add in a dash of Russian adventurism and it would be nice to not be arguing about politicians getting a boob massage or selling views of her peeing.

I am not naive enough to think scandalmongering will go away, but I do hope that fewer political scandals in the future feature urine.

Likely there is some book a librarian is handing out to 10-year-olds about how to use urine in sex play, though, and a passel of Democrats defending her right to do so.




























































































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