Should libraries be "a site for socialist organizing?"

Pretty obviously not, but that is what they have become.

Don’t take my word for that. Instead, listen to what American Library Association President Emily Drabinski had to say on the matter at the Socialism 2023 conference held over the Labor Day weekend.


You may have noticed that the audio in the recording is not the best, but that is because this session was not live-streamed (as some were) so the socialist organizers could speak more freely. The person who recorded the session was there incognito, having been banned from attending under her name. We should thank Karlyn Borysenko for doing the tough work of socializing with socialists!

You may be familiar with the story of Emily Drabinski, who last year was voted to be the President of the American Library Association by her peers. She was so thrilled by the election that she sent out a celebratory tweet that ignited a firestorm.

It shouldn’t surprise any of us who have been paying attention to the ideological revolution that has led to the takeover of our cultural institutions, but the tweet did garner the attention of people who spend most of their time attending to normal things like working and raising their kids. After all, should we really have to worry about whether our public schools and libraries are being taken over by a Marxist cabal?


Obviously not. In fact, on its face the idea is absurd. Something out of a B-grade movie written by a third-year drama student would seem less absurd.

Yet there it is. Truth is even stranger than fiction.

Drabinski’s election isn’t due to some random accident; the fact is that the people that higher education institutions have been pumping out in the education and library science schools are overwhelmingly Marxists, and electing Drabinski was simply an endorsement of the idea that libraries should be organizing socialists to continue their long march through the institutions.

Several states have withdrawn their public support for the American Library Association, and in the wake of this Drabinski has admitted that she regrets the tweet. She clearly doesn’t regret the idea behind the tweet–she just reiterated her commitment to using publically funded libraries as indoctrination centers–only the consequences. The loss of money and influence that stemmed from admitting her agenda in public is what she regrets.

Socialists are usually more circumspect, but as the ideology has become more entrenched at the commanding heights of our Establishment the leaders have become less so. What used to be subterranean undermining of our institutions has transformed into open warfare with the bourgeoisie.

Hence the Drag Queen Story Hours, the pushing of Queer Theory and Critical Race Theory (about which there was an unrecorded session at the Socialism 2023 conference, discussing how to get around state laws banning its teaching), and the recruitment of children into Left-wing ideology.


Frustrating as it is, the majority of people have yet to grasp how radically different today’s public institutions are from what they were a decade or three ago. Most people think of the FBI as a straight-laced fairly conservative organization, public schools as run by overworked middle-class moms and dads who love kids, and newspapers as being basically fair if tilting leftward.

That’s why conservatives look like crazed conspiracy theorists to them; it sounds insane when you say “The American Library Association is run by a lesbian Marxist who is using libraries as a place to organize socialists.” It would have sounded insane to me a decade ago.

But sadly (and scarily) it is true. You don’t have to trust me. Trust the president of the ALA. In the future, she will likely be a bit more circumspect, but no less committed to recruiting the next generation of Marxists.

And why not? The plan is working.

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