By next week the MSM will name Joe Biden "Dear Leader"

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I keep waiting for somebody in the MSM to grow a conscience.

Perhaps it is the class I grew up in–highly educated academics. Perhaps it is the era in which I grew up–journalism was at its reputational height post-Watergate.


Perhaps it is something as simple as my being a naive fool after all these years. I keep hoping that somebody, somewhere actually cares about the truth.

Whatever the reason, I keep hope alive, despite the fact that doing so is by now obviously stupid. None of these people has a conscience, and as a group, they have less integrity than your average con man.

The MSM is just trash.

Anybody with half a brain by now knows that Joe Biden was at least peripherally involved with–as in aware and complicit in–Hunter Biden’s business and even his dissolute life filled with illegal activities. We also know that Joe Biden personally benefited from Hunter’s activities, given that they shared bank accounts, and that the entire Biden family got disbursements of cash from Hunter’s ill-gotten millions.

We have circumstantial evidence–very strong–that Joe Biden knew exactly what Hunter was doing and colluded with him to convince Hunter’s clients and business partners that he could deliver on promises, using Joe’s political power to get results for his clients. On this latter point we don’t have absolute proof, but at the very least the preponderance of the evidence is that Joe corruptly solicited bribes and perhaps delivered on the goods (for instance, getting the Ukrainian prosecutor fired).


The evidence is overwhelming that Joe Biden is at least somewhat corrupt, and compelling that he was simply bought and paid for. Those millions of dollars were payment for something.

Yet the MSM is dismissing it all. Joe just liked talking to his son about the weather, and those other people on the phone calls who were shipping millions to the Bidens just happened to be there when he did.

Uh, yeah, right.

We are not seeing reporters being credulous. Nobody with an IQ near room temperature is that credulous.

They are liars. They know that Joe Biden has been lying for years–after all, suddenly everybody is admitting that despite his denials Joe Biden spent a fair amount of time interacting with Hunter’s clients.

The media even admits that Hunter was selling influence with his father. Their fallback position is that Hunter was a fraud, and Joe was a useful idiot whose love for his son blinded him to the influence peddling.

They call that “the illusion of influence.” Not that we should blame Hunter for committing a massive multimillion-dollar fraud upon Ukrainians and the Chinese Communist Party. That is perfectly normal and fine. That whole selling of the Biden “brand” is pretty normal in Washington, so they don’t even notice apparently.


I stupidly believed that it was possible that the media would at least not get out in front of this scandal and actually defend the behavior, and I was wrong. Sure, I knew that MSNBC would use its skills as a Democrat fluffer to fellate Joe Biden, but it seems to be unanimous: there is absolutely nothing to see here.

I am old enough to remember when media figures were insisting that Donald Trump engaged in watersports with Russian hookers despite the claim being utterly absurd. They insisted that Trump was a Russian asset and that his entire campaign staff was secretly flying to Europe to cut deals with Russian spies.

Not only is no evidence needed, but all evidence to the contrary is “debunked.” Pulitzer Prizes were awarded for this nonsense.

But Joe Biden? They are treating him like a North Korean dictator, calling him virile as he strolls shirtless on the beach, praising his paternal instincts as he denies his 4-year-old granddaughter’s existence for the entirety of her life until a few days ago, and praising him for sending cash to his son for the purchase of hookers and blow.

It is beyond shameful. It makes me physically ill. Literally. When I saw this I felt nauseous:


The MSM spent years platforming Adam Schiff as he lied daily to the American people. His attacks on Trump didn’t even have the ring of truth and were proven to be lies daily. None of that mattered.

I honestly believe that Pravda had more integrity than anybody in the MSM now. They at least were clearly state propagandists and admitted it. Everybody knew they were paid liars.

Our media? The pretense and hypocrisy have become too much to bear.

They are as bad as Hunter Biden, selling the illusion of information.

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John Stossel 5:30 PM | July 13, 2024