Well that is a shift...

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Lots of news about Joe Biden’s obvious financial relationship with his influence peddling, coke-snorting, hooker-using disgusting and worthless human being he calls a son has been emerging of late.


None of it tells us anything we didn’t already know, except in terms of filling out the details of how the influence-peddling scheme worked and how the money was hidden and distributed within a family that is more corrupt than Spiro Agnew ever hoped to be.

There’s lots of talk of shell companies, coercion of Burisma executives, phone calls with the Big Guy on the line with Hunter’s clients, and payments to brothers, daughters, and grandchildren (except Navy Joan-Roberts, of course).

It’s an awful lot for the MSM to cover up and the Democrats to call debunked, but fear not: they are up to the task, although Catherine Herridge is breaking from the pack and doing some actual reporting.

A new detail is emerging: a witness will soon testify that Joe Biden would actively participate in phone calls to Hunter’s clients, which in and of itself is disgusting and suggests bribery; it also directly contradicts what we have been told endlessly and unconvincingly: Joe Biden never discussed Hunter’s business dealings and certainly had nothing to do with them.


Yeah, right. Hunter brought his clients to meetings with the then-Vice President, and Biden flew Hunter around to make his deals. Whatever.

Karine Jean-Pierre gets asked about the allegations occasionally, and until recently she has been repeating the company line: Joe Biden never talked about Hunter’s business dealings with his son, and knew nothing about them.

Now, with the new testimony about to hit, the line suddenly changed:

Well that’s a bit different, isn’t it? She wasn’t even asked that, because “in business” to the White House likely means “has a formal business arrangement with him.”


That’s quite a bit different than before.

Of course, there are a number of reasons for that and one of them is that self-satisfied Democrat Dan Goldman accidentally dropped a bombshell: Joe Biden and Hunter DID discuss business, and the Democrats know that Biden lied. They don’t CARE, but they know it. So Jean-Pierre is changing the story.

We are going to be hearing a lot more about these issues in the coming weeks, and the MSM has a lot of work to do cleaning up after Biden.

Unfortunately, despite all the talk of the “rule of law,” “preserving democracy,” and that “nobody is above the law,” neither the Democrats nor the majority of the MSM really believes any of that.

It’s easy to forgive the Democrats for their hypocrisy–they are politicians and the most important skill for a politician is the ability to lie convincingly. But the MSM long ago abandoned their commitment to discover and their allegiance to the truth.


Political parties go through up and down periods, and as infuriating as it is for us partisans to experience the hypocrisy, we ultimately rely on the media to push back. Failing that, it’s hard to see how the ship gets righted.

Perhaps some hungry reporter will break from the pack to pursue this story honestly, but I doubt it. I have gotten so cynical over the past few years that it’s shocking to see anybody in the MSM even doing their job.

Corruption begets corruption.

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