FBI whistleblower: FBI headquarters tipped Hunter off, prevented interview

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A new FBI whistleblower has confirmed that FBI headquarters and the Secret Service colluded to keep Hunter Biden from having to do an interview with the agents investigating his illegal activities.


Surprise, surprise, surprise.

I am sure this will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back, leading the MSM to hop on the bandwagon and start demanding answers from the FBI and begin digging into the clear politicization of the nation’s law enforcement apparatus, right?

After all, the media could be forgiven for covering for the FBI after the FISA court rebuked the agency for lying to them. And after the Inspector General report detailed massive incompetence and political bias. And after the Durham Report blew the lid off the Crossfire Hurricane fiasco. And after multiple whistleblowers revealed the political machinations that kept Hunter Biden nearly free and clear after his uncountable felonies, most were caught on tape and many were put down in his own words.

That’s understandable, because the FBI had some credibility to burn, after all.

But now that all the credibility was used up, I expect the MSM will feel a bit embarrassed about being so credulous and finally dig in as yet another FBI agent picks up yet another rock, revealing the creepy crawlies underneath.



House Committee on Oversight and Accountability Chairman James Comer issued the following statement after committee staff today conducted a transcribed interview with a former FBI supervisory special agent assigned to the FBI’s Wilmington office and the Biden criminal investigation:

“Today, a former FBI supervisory special agent assigned to the FBI’s Wilmington office and the Biden criminal investigation confirmed key portions of the IRS whistleblower’s testimony. The night before the interview of Hunter Biden, both Secret Service headquarters and the Biden transition team were tipped off about the planned interview. On the day of the Hunter Biden interview, federal agents were told to stand by and could not approach Hunter Biden—they had to wait for his call. As a result of the change in plans, IRS and FBI criminal investigators never got to interview Hunter Biden as part of the investigation.

“The Justice Department’s efforts to cover up for the Bidens reveals a two-tiered system of justice that sickens the American people. The Oversight Committee, along with the Judiciary Committee and Ways and Means Committee, will continue to seek the answers, transparency, and accountability that the American people demand and deserve.”


Unfortunately, while it is true that the American people deserve the answers, transparency, and accountability we are so clearly lacking, Comer is wrong about the claim that the American people are demanding it, at least not loudly enough. Somewhere around half the country is perfectly fine with a politicized Justice Department and wants all this to go away.

As do, apparently, pretty much everybody in the MSM, who are as perceptive and intellectually curious as the 3 blind mice. Or the monkeys who see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil.

Below are key takeaways from today’s transcribed interview of a former FBI supervisory special agent.

  • As part of the criminal investigation into Hunter Biden, there were multiple witness interviews planned for December 8, 2020. IRS Supervisory Special Agent Gary Shapley and the former FBI supervisory special agent were assigned to interview Hunter Biden.
  • On the evening of December 7, 2020, Shapley and the FBI supervisory special agent learned that FBI headquarters had notified Secret Service headquarters about the planned interview with Hunter Biden. Additionally, they learned the Biden transition team was notified about the planned interview. This was not the original plan by the career agents, which frustrated their investigative efforts because people found out who didn’t need to know.
  • On December 8, 2020, Shapley and the FBI supervisory special agent were notified they would not be allowed to approach Hunter Biden’s house and instead would have to wait near his residence until Hunter Biden contacted them.
  • The former FBI supervisory special agent told committee investigators he had never been told to wait outside to be contacted by the subject of an investigation.
  • As a result of these actions, Shapley and the former FBI supervisory special agent never interviewed Hunter Biden.

Our MSM is trash. They are regime propagandists, and nothing more. They belong in North Korea, not a self-respecting Western country. They all think they are Woodward and Bernstein and behave like people named Vladimir or Kim Yo Jong.

It’s hard not to sneer at them, so I don’t even try anymore. They deserve much more contempt than they get from Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis.

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