Just Stop Oil is hardly grassroots

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Groups like Just Stop Oil and the countless other ‘activist” groups who make our life difficult present themselves as ordinary people who are so selfless and so concerned about the future that they put their lives and freedom on the line to save Mother Earth.


They are, of course, gaslighting you. It may be that the idiots who glue themselves to paintings, cement themselves to roads, and slow march during rush hour are not paid–I don’t know and don’t really care–but the organization itself is bought and paid for by big money billionaires and millionaires.

The same sort of people who are foursquare behind The Great Reset, which itself is nothing but a huge and so-far successful power grab by the Elite.

There are now huge dark money groups out there funding radical politicians and radical policies, recruiting ground troops who are brainwashed or just stupid enough to believe that without their immediate action life on Earth will evaporate, leaving a hot, dusty wasteland surrounded by seas that have risen to consume the world’s cities.

The activists themselves are clearly mentally ill, and at in earlier age, their antics would not be tolerated. In this age their antics are backed by the wealthy and the politicians, who stand to benefit mightily from an expansion of their power and wealth should the activists get their way.

Average people are furious about what is happening, but their fury is as usual directed at the wrong people. Sure, the activists are narcissistic jerks whose sense of moral superiority empowers them to harm the rest of us, but they would be individually ineffective without the organization and monetary support that comes from on high.


Just Stop Oil’s primary institutional funding comes from the “Climate Emergency Fund,” which is extremely proud of its support of Just Stop Oil, featuring their “accomplishments” prominently in their annual report.

The Climate Emergency Fund also funds “Scientist Rebellion,” the idiots who glued themselves to the floor at Volkswagen.

Useful idiots are their major weapon, and big money is how they recruit them.

The largest chunk of change came from Aileen Getty, of the Getty Oil family. Onward Together, an organization founded by Hillary Clinton is also deeply engaged in this activism.

That is certainly some grassroots activism. Nothing says grassroots like Hillary Rodham Clinton. Totally anti-establishment, for sure.

It’s ironic that one of Just Stop Oil’s main ways of getting attention is interrupting others’ performances, such as orchestras and tennis matches because everything they do is purely performative. As much as they object to the use of fossil fuels, they are hardly immune from using them to get around to make their point. They are just as reliant as the rest of us on petrochemicals. Perhaps they are too stupid to understand this, or more likely the top people couldn’t give much of a rip about any of this.


Their goal is to restrict our lives and run them. They are people shutting down transport, food production, and everything else to get us to “net zero,” which would require a vast expansion of government power and essentially the destruction of the free market.

It is those latter things that are the goal. Stopping oil is only the means. There are 1.44 billion automobiles in the world; do you seriously believe that any large fraction of them can be replaced by electric cars in the near future? And if not, what will human mobility look like in 10-15 years?

There are few genuine activist groups in the world that are genuinely grassroots. Most are astroturf, or at best “grasstops” groups that recruit activists but are themselves big money.

Of course, Aileen Getty and Hillary Clinton are not the ones paying the highest price for Just Stop Oil and the other climate alarmist groups. It is you and me, whose lives are being disrupted by the activists, and whose futures are being imperiled. Does anybody think Hillary or Aileen’s lives are made in any way worse by either the disruptions of the activists or the rising cost of everything?


Of course not. They are now and always will be comfortable, regardless of what the rest of us have to live through. In fact, they will likely be even more comfortable, as they will have more power. These are the sorts of people who jet off to climate conferences in resorts to complain about us heating our homes and using A/C.

There may be many ways to push back against this nonsense, but the most effective in the short term is to do what many have suggested: make destructive activism hurt the activists. If they want to epoxy themselves to the roads, jackhammer that part of the road and send them off with the pieces attached to their hands.

A sort of “you broke it you bought it.” Put disrupters in jail when they aren’t glued to things. If they want to pretend that they are risking something by doing this, let them enjoy the consequences of their risk.

This is not cruel. They asked for it, so let them pay the price they claim they are willing to pay.

Right now the only people paying any price for this nonsense are the middle class. The wealthy get what they are paying for: disrupting our lives, and the activists are getting what they ask for: attention without consequence.

I am not sure how to make the actual villains pay–that being the wealthy. But we can slow down the supply of useful idiots. If you have any ideas for how to make the wealthy pay as well, I am all for it. Perhaps a voluntary climate tax on every private jet flight? A mileage tax of a thousand dollars a mile?


Seems fair. Let’s see how much they are willing to pay for your so-called principles.

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David Strom 12:40 PM | July 24, 2024