I never saw this list of side effects of COVID vaccine from 2020

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Well, here’s an interesting tidbit from a presentation to the FDA’s Product Advisory Committee on Oct 22, 2020, reviewing the safety and efficacy of Covid-19 vaccines.


Buried within the presentation, this part of which had to do with the monitoring of the safety and efficacy of the vaccine and how the FDA was going to monitor possible side effects aggressively, a slide was accidentally shown for a fraction of a second that listed the side effects they expected might arise from mass vaccinations with the new mRNA vaccine. The list was derived from the testing done by the manufacturers and from side effects that arose in other vaccines.

None of these potential risks were discussed with or revealed to the public, and the messaging coming from the government kept on insisting that the vaccine was inherently safe.

So let’s look at that slide which was flashed ever so briefly and left undiscussed in the PowerPoint presentation.

Some of these are relatively common from vaccines. Guillain-Barré disease is something that has popped up in other vaccine trials. Anaphylaxis is an obvious risk associated with just about anything injected, and hardly surprising that it shows up.


But many of these side effects–which the FDA feared might arise and for which they would aggressively be monitoring, are ones that people have been screaming from the rooftops that COVID vaccines are associated with. Heart attacks, Myo/pericarditis, seizures, blood clots, disseminated intravascular coagulation (blood clots that are even worse), reproductive problems, and of course death.

Did you recall such things being discussed with people as outcomes the government was worried about during the vaccine rollout, or in the subsequent propaganda pushes that we all were subjected to?

I sure don’t. I seem to recall being assured that everything was perfectly safe, and everybody from 6 months up should get multiple doses, regardless of the risk of severe disease.

Several issues arise, given how the FDA and others were clearly aware that the vaccine would not be wholly benign for all who take it. The first and in some ways most durable is the utter lack of concern for informed consent. It is easy to imagine people looking at this list and still deciding to take the vaccine, depending upon the level of risk they might have from a severe case of COVID. An older person in poor health might calculate that COVID is a greater danger than an as-yet unquantified danger of these other potential risks.


In fact, my sense is that clearly for some people the risk of the vaccine was worth it.

But as your risk from COVID goes down, and it does dramatically with better health status, the relative risk of the vaccine vs the disease will inevitably shift in favor of avoiding the vaccine. Given how little data there was, and how little risk most people were of severe COVID disease, it is likely that most of the country would have been better off avoiding the risks of the vaccine.

They at the very least should have been given an informed choice.

Instead, of course, we all were lied to. The FDA and CDC knew that fertility issues were possible, that children had special risks, that myocarditis and heart attacks were significant risks, and instead of coming clean, they dismissed these risks until the incidence became so high that it was impossible to ignore.

And they still minimize the risk and push the vaccine to people at almost no risk from COVID. No healthy young man should take this vaccine–the risk/benefit calculus is simply not in favor of doing so. The older you are and the less healthy you are the risk/benefit calculus probably changes in favor of getting the vaccine.

Where and when on that scale it does I don’t know. Neither did my doctor when I asked her. She was an early enthusiast of the vaccine, but within a year she simply didn’t trust the powers that be to tell the truth. When I asked her opinion she just shrugged. Who knows?


I stopped after the initial two doses. No more.

It infuriates me not only that they lied–that is awful enough–but that they have burned all their credibility, making it impossible to trust them to give good advice. That means that millions of Americans will avoid potentially life-saving advice because, after all, the people advocating it are liars.

How many avoidable deaths will that cause? Over how many years?

It shocks me how many people are OK with the lies, believing that “noble lies” are just fine. No, they are not. Noble lies are lies, and no government official should be playing God.


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