National Health Service in Great Britain bans puberty blockers

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BOOM! The National Health Service of Great Britain is striking back.

The backlash against “gender-affirming care” is in full swing in Europe, with Great Britain utterly reversing course on using hormones and puberty blockers on minors.


Until recently Great Britain was going full steam ahead transitioning children. But the Tavistock scandal, where the UK’s gender treatment complex resided, turned out to be an ideologically-driven and utterly corrupt mess that promoted fake science.

Tavistock was closed down, and the UK began reversing course as it became clear that there simply was no scientific backing for the suppression of puberty and transitioning of children from one sex to another.

Well, today the UK made it official and totally clear: outside of clinical trials, the standards for which I am ignorant, using puberty blockers to alter the biology of children for gender transition is prohibited.


Today (Friday 9 June) NHS England has published an interim service specification for specialist gender incongruence services for children and young people to support Phase 1 providers in developing their new services. The public consultation on this draft interim service specification ran on the NHS England website for 45 days from 20 October to 4 December 2022. It received 5,183 responses in total. We would like to sincerely thank all those individuals and organisations who took the time to submit responses to this consultation. Read more about the consultation feedback and NHS England’s response.

We have previously made clear, including the draft interim service specification we consulted on, the intention that the NHS will only commission puberty supressing hormones as part of clinical research. This approach follows advice from Dr Hilary Cass’ Independent Review highlighting the significant uncertainties surrounding the use of hormone treatments.

We are now going out to targeted stakeholder testing on an interim clinical commissioning policy proposing that, outside of a research setting, puberty suppressing hormones should not be routinely commissioned for children and adolescents who have gender incongruence/dysphoria.

The purpose of the clinical policy is to formalise this commissioning approach and ensure there is clarity on the position by the time the new service providers begin seeing patients in the context of the new and final interim service specification. The interim service specification and the clinical policy, once finalised, come together to define the overall commissioned service.

NHS England has established a new national Children and Young People’s Gender Dysphoria Research Oversight Board which has now approved the development of a study into the impact of puberty suppressing hormones (‘puberty blockers’) on gender dysphoria in children and young people with early-onset gender dysphoria. More information on the Board and the study can be found in the consultation report.


This is, needless to say, huge. Countries across Europe have become extremely cautious about using puberty blockers and hormones as they have come to realize that the medical practitioners pushing them are ideologically-motivated liars. And no, that is not too strong a word. They are liars, promoting the idea that this is a gold standard, well-established, and understood science and medicine.

This is just crap. It is experimental, based upon ridiculous assumptions, and ignores all the evidence to the contrary. The whole “completely reversible” meme is a bunch of lies.

Unfortunately, the voices pushing the ideology are amplified in the United States just as the rest of the world is pulling back.

It is not difficult to understand how politicians were taken in by the fraud; they trusted doctors and researchers who have proven themselves to be frauds. It turns out that yelling louder is not an indication of trustworthiness, but the opposite. Go figure. Real scientists express doubts about their own conclusions.

Here in the US, the problem runs deeper, though. The politicians and the media are in on the fraud. None of them cares a whit about the children being harmed; they just want the political and cultural clout, and they are determined to destroy the West. That is their goal, and recruiting an army of mutilated children is part of their plan.


Sure, some believe the hype, but it is impossible to believe that all of the advocates do. They have access to the science. They just don’t care.

See COVID. It is about power.


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