Man video-recording in women's locker room OK if he is trans

In New York, a man can apparently video-record a woman getting dressed in a locker room–as long as he is transgender.

He can even claim victimhood and get sympathetic news coverage because the woman being filmed hit the camera out of his hand.


No, I am not kidding. The man filming a woman getting dressed in a woman’s locker room is being hailed as a stunning and brave victim by Pix11 News in New York.

Pix 11 dedicated 3 minutes of their news show to the incident, which in the news world is practically wall-to-wall coverage. An average murderer will get 10-30 seconds. But this is a transgender person screaming victimhood and PTSD while demanding the right to film women in a bathroom/locker room.

The incident is described in the accompanying news story on the web, and it is perplexing, to say the least.

THE BRONX (PIX11) — An MTA bus operator has been charged with assault and a hate crime after a fellow bus operator who is transgender said she was attacked inside a women’s locker room at a bus depot in the Bronx.

The transgender bus operator is speaking out about her ordeal, hoping the MTA will make changes to ensure equality for LGBTQ employees.


It was an ordeal. Wait until you read what happened.

There is a reported cellphone video from an incident inside a women’s locker room at the Eastchester Bus Depot about two months ago.

Mangual said after she finished taking a shower, she began to get dressed, and that’s when she alleged a fellow bus operator, Sonia Rivera, went on a verbal attack before it became physical. Mangual said her cellphone was knocked out of her hands and Rivera hit her.

How, exactly, did this ordeal get started according to the video segment? Well, Nana Mangual was blasting his music while taking a shower (exposing his genitals in a women’s space) and was asked to turn it down. He got angry, and his co-worker Sonia Rivera told him that he should be in the men’s locker room.

This prompted “Nana” to whip it out, in this case, “it” is his phone, not his dick, and started filming. Rivera knocked the phone out of his hands.

“She told me I need to use the men’s room. When she realized I was recording, she turned around and physically attacked me,” Mangual said.

Police arrested Rivera, who is a longtime employee with the MTA. She now faces several charges, including harassment, harassment as a hate crime, and assault.


A woman gets filmed in a locker room by a man and gets arrested for trying to stop it. She literally committed a hate crime.

In a normal world filming people in a locker room would be totally unacceptable, and at least the MTA (New York’s transit authority) is trying to fire Mangual. Mangual in turn is suing for experiencing PTSD from the incident.

The MTA isn’t talking about the incident, although it sounds like everybody involved is in trouble. They seem less sympathetic to the transgender person than either the police of Pix 11, which probably either indicates that the union isn’t happy about how their long-time member is being treated, or they have common sense.

I suspect it is the former, not the latter. Common sense is in short supply these days.

Twenty years ago the solution to this problem would have been more blunt and would have led to a much less happy outcome for Miguel than in today’s world. A man whipping out either a dick or a video camera in a women’s locker room would have earned him so rough justice.

It is not unreasonable for nonconforming people to ask for a reasonable level of tolerance for behavior that seems odd but doesn’t hurt anyone; simply dressing as a woman fits this category.


But it is also reasonable for others in society to demand that nonconforming people follow basic inviolable societal rules, such as not invading private spaces. If Mangual were self-identified as a man he would have been put in jail for his behavior. His internal feelings about his gender do not invalidate those rules and his requested accommodation is a bridge too far.

Even a woman filming another woman in a locker room would be an invasion of her privacy; people have a legitimate expectation of privacy in such spaces.

None of this should be controversial. Yet a major New York TV station and the police have sided with the genuine aggressor here, solely due to their claims to be transgender.

This is the insanity of the world we live in.

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