If they didn't have double standards...

Joe Biden has been stumbling a lot lately, and I am not referring to his pattern of speech or his policy missteps.

He has literally been stumbling. As in having trouble walking.


Now Biden is 80 years old, and an old 80 at that. My father-in-law is 88 and had his left leg smashed to bits over 50 years ago, and almost lost it due to the enormous damage done to the bones. It never healed properly and his left leg is inches shorter than his right.

He gets around better than Joe Biden by a long shot. He is as fast on his feet as I am.

Biden? His gait is unsteady, he falls regularly, and he has the dementia shuffle.

I take no pleasure in this. We all get old and I don’t look forward to the inevitable physical decline. I would be happy enough to see Biden behind bars for his corruption but am not pleased by his suffering the plagues that come with aging. I would much rather see a younger, more vital man suffer the punishment he richly deserves and will never get.

Biden suffered yet another stumble yesterday at the Air Force Academy graduation, and in itself, that isn’t news. Not just because it is common, but because it looked like he tripped over something.

But it brings up a point: how does the media treat Biden’s constant falls and stumbling compared to Trump’s, or even Gerald Ford’s in the 1970s? Ford was actually not clumsy–he was a football star–but a stumble became an early meme for which he was ridiculed.


Trump had a bad day climbing down a ramp and the media went insane, predicting he was on death’s door. Questions of age, mental health, and murmurings about the 25th Amendment swept through the media.

The media is so utterly shameless that in the midst of a presidential campaign against Biden, they actually attacked Trump’s physical fitness. This is despite the fact that Biden barely left his basement and called “lids” on his day early in the afternoon. Everybody on the presidential beat knew he was feeble, but they simply lied about it.

It was the Fetterman model of political coverage.

Biden had the stamina of a sloth, and the media attacked Trump despite his frenetic campaign pace as physically unfit.

Remember in 2016 when Hillary Clinton could barely keep upright? She was literally being held up by aides lest she collapse, and the media blew it off as the flu or something similar.

Such shameless pandering to the Left is so on-brand that it barely surprises any more. Yet as I argued yesterday there is no more pressing problem in America than the utter corruption of the MSM.

The media doesn’t even try anymore to tell something close to the truth. Each reporter seems to compete for the Leni Riefenstahl Award for Progressive Propaganda–which, by the way, somebody should start handing out. Kind of like the Razzies. Maybe it should be the Pravda Awards?


Actually, that is a great idea. I have to figure out the logistics of getting suggestions from people and giving the awards out regularly. What do you think?

The MSM is utterly corrupt, and even “conservative media” is not as great as we would hope. We need more diverse voices and much more skepticism of the current Narrative™.

That’s what we try to do here, and why I am thrilled to work for Hot Air.

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