How corrupt is the DOJ? This corrupt...

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The Department of Justice under the Biden Administration has become nothing but a tool of the regime.

Actually, the Justice Department under both Obama and Trump was already a corrupt organization, and by the regime, I don’t mean the elected officials in office, but the permanent government that has come to be characterized as the “Deep State.”


The Deep State isn’t a cabal, per se. They aren’t gathering a (now marijuana) smoke-filled room plotting the downfall of America. Rather, they are a bunch of high-level bureaucrats who believe that they have the wisdom and the power to run the country, all the way down to what you are allowed and not allowed to say.

They are America’s nomenklatura. The Elite run things regardless of who is in power, although they work hard to make sure that Democrats are in power since that party is happier to expand the money and power the nomenklatura have.

The DOJ is at the top of the heap because they control the levers of coercive power, although you may have noticed that even the IRS and EPA now have heavily armed agents to bully citizens.

You may have noticed a pattern of late from the DOJ. They seem determined to defend Hunter Biden and other Democrats while viciously going after anybody who is conservative or who challenges the Leftist agenda. The most obvious examples of this were of course related to the attacks on President Trump, who endured an unrelenting series of bogus investigations and attacks that included everything from investigations that were predicated on lies and of course watching his aides be destroyed through illegal means, such as lying to the FISA Court.


The Durham Report outlined many of these dangerous breaches of law, but of course, nobody is going to pay a price for the damage they have done either to the people involved, the country, or the rule of law. Instead, they are celebrated in the MSM.

Jim Comey wrote a book called “A Higher Loyalty,” and we all know to what he was referring. Not a loyalty to the country or to the law, but to the Deep State’s interests.

I have no idea about the merits of the lawsuit against West Virginia Governor Jim Justice’s son. Perhaps he indeed is withholding fines he rightfully owns and should be forced to cough them up.

However, the coincidence between the announcement of Justice’s run for Senate and the filing of the lawsuit is quite notable and fits into a longstanding pattern of indisputable abuses of power, and interference in investigations that would harm Democrats. A few weeks ago the DOJ fired all the IRS agents involved in the investigation into Hunter Biden–which in any normal world would raise eyebrows.

In this one, it earns the agents accusations of being traitors to America hurled at them


We have moved into a realm where there isn’t a system of justice in the United States, but a system of preference. If you are on the right team you can get away with nearly anything, and on the wrong team, you can be investigated for fake crimes. Parents of kids being abused in schools are labeled potential domestic terrorists, Catholics are labeled a danger to the country, and the FBI can refuse to abide by subpoenas and the MSM cheers it on.

FBI Director Wray will earn his contempt of Congress “punishment,” but that will turn out to be empty words. Nothing will happen to him, and the media will blow it off as Republican extremism.

The game is rigged. The only way to fight back is to put the fear of God in the bureaucrats. Fire them. They can sue, of course, because they are civil servants. But whatever penalties a president would wind up paying–and cases of malfeasance can be developed as the court cases move along–are minuscule compared to the damage these people do while in power.

Failing such a bold move, transfer them to some job where they do nothing. Nothing is better than doing actual harm. Humiliate them by putting them in a closet. A Deputy Undersecretary whose office is suddenly a closet will be a warning to others.


Is this foolproof? Obviously not. And will the Left use it against Republicans? Obviously yes. But there are so few Republicans in the Deep State that this hardly matters.

The system is broken. If Hunter Biden were named Trump he would be in jail for life. But his name is Biden, so he lives in the White House with his dad.

At this point, there is little point in trying to reform these agencies while the current crop of leaders is employed in government.

So fire them all.

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David Strom 5:00 PM | May 23, 2024