Target's trans-the-kids agenda goes deeper than you think

Target is taking it on the chin due to its transgender proselytizing to children in its stores. So far it has lost about 13% of its market capitalization over the controversy sparked by its partnership with a Satan-worshipping trans activist to design children’s clothing.


Most of us assumed that Target was just trying to get ESG brownie points, the way that so many companies have in recent years. Pleasing the World Economic Forum gets you enhanced access to capital, so a lot of companies have decided to go along with a “not-so-secret” queer agenda.

But no, as in Bud Light’s case, the commitment to trans activism goes beyond mere virtue signaling. It is based upon having fundamental values at odds with its customers.

Target has always been very gay-friendly, and in and of itself that isn’t a problem for most customers. But most people have no idea how committed to radical gender ideology the company is.

The company has partnered with an organization called GLSEN, which exists to promote gender ideology in schools. It considers the content on its website to be so potentially embarrassing that it even is designed to make it easy for people to hide that they are visiting the site should the wrong person walk into the room as you are browsing their site.


Almost as if it is a porn site. Hmm.

GLSEN’s mission is to bring alphabet ideology into the schools, and you have to hand it to them: they have been succeeding. They promote alphabet curriculum and policies that encourage schools to trans kids behind the parents’ back–to actively hide both the curriculum and the medical/behavioral records of students from their caregivers.

Target, which presents itself as family-friendly, is actively doing its level best to drive a wedge between parents and children.


Just how tied up with GLSEN is the company? This tied up:

Target’s Vice President of Brand Marketing is the Treasurer of GLSEN. That, I would say, is pretty tied together.

Given this close relationship between the company’s executives and GLSEN’s Board of Directors, it is no surprise that the company would be 100% committed to promoting the alphabet agenda. By the same token, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to Target that a lot of parents might not want their kids to be indoctrinated by a company that disdains parents’ involvement in their kids’ education and moral instruction.


If I were a parent shopping for kids’ clothing, I feel pretty confident that I wouldn’t be buying a onesie with a logo that declares Satan respects pronouns. (No onesies at Target displayed this logo, but this is the artist they chose to design the clothes).

Of the “Satan respects pronoun” logo, the designer said:

Most of the backlash against Abprallen has been over an item that says “Satan respects pronouns.”

In an Instagram post promoting the design, Carnell described it as “one that gave Abprallen its proper footing and direction,” adding that the creation of the phrase “helped make Abprallen what it is today.”

Carnell acknowledged to CNN that the products were designed, knowing they were provoking, and dismissed the public’s response as “hatred towards LGBT people.”

It couldn’t be that people might reject Satan and all his works. Nah.

Target claims to have removed the merchandise designed by Mr. Satan here from its stores, but a parent went into his local Target to see for himself, and discovered that they were still available for sale.


The rot at Target runs deep. Companies virtue signaling to gain brownie points is one thing. A company that promotes its commitment to education while conspiring to hide things from parents is quite another.

Yet here we are. A company that seemed to embody middle America’s more aspirational values spends considerable time, energy, and money working to undermine basic American values.

This is how the elites work in today’s America. They want your money, and they want your children.

UPDATE: minor correction regarding the rank of the executive in question.

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