Plants cause global warming now

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Did you know that plants cause global warming, and as plants grow bigger, stronger, and healthier due to increased CO2 they will kill us all?

We are, of course, doomed. Because we are always doomed. Gaia is crying right now.


Now you may be under the impression that the photosynthesis of plants pulls CO2 out of the atmosphere and releases O2. In fact, the carbon that you find in plants is pulled from the air, not the soil, which is why plants can grow in even rocky, sandy soil, or even in hydroponic gardens. All that biomass is mainly carbon pulled out of the air.

This is why greenhouses often are enriched with extra CO2–to stimulate plant growth. Plants really like CO2, and greenhouses often burn natural gas to increase concentrations to between 1000 and 1200 PPM, about 3 times the atmospheric level. The plants suck that CO2 up and spit out more O2, increasing their yields by about 40%–in other words, they sequester that CO2 by turning it into plant matter.

You would think, then, that the increase in biomass that results from rising CO2 in the atmosphere would have a beneficial effect, right?

Well yes, yes it does. But that is not how the alarmists want you to see it.

How does their argument go? How, on Earth, could more plants absorbing more CO2 be a bad thing?

It goes like this:

  • Increasing CO2 in the atmosphere leads to more plants growing more quickly
  • Plants don’t absorb CO2 at 100% levels–some goes back into the atmosphere as respiration
  • More plants mean more respiration, which means that CO2 levels increase when plants respire
  • Therefore more plants mean more respiration and hence more CO2

You see the problem, right? Plants pull out, on net, vast quantities of CO2 from the air. Simply because they release a fraction of that back into the atmosphere doesn’t mean they are contributing to CO2 levels. They are, in fact, decreasing it by quite a bit. The more plants, the less CO2 on net.

This is quite the sleight of hand they are trying to pull. Consider a similar argument regarding human beings:

  • Human beings breathe in oxygen
  • When we breathe out, most of the oxygen we inhaled goes back into the atmosphere
  • Therefore human beings are adding to the quantity of oxygen in the air as we breathe out

As long as you don’t count what went into our bloodstream, I guess you have a point that breathing out adds to the atmosphere’s oxygen. But in the real world, the net amount of oxygen in the atmosphere went down. That’s why a bunch of people sealed into a room will die of oxygen deprivation after a while: they pulled the oxygen out over time as it went into their bodies. This is how respiration works, dummy. It is a process of net reduction of some gases and increases in others over time.

This shows you the level of gaslighting that goes on in climate research. They really want you to worry that the greening of the world caused by increases in CO2 will lead to faster accumulations of CO2 when exactly the opposite is true.

The OPPOSITE. 180 degrees off. Let’s see the gaslighting in action from one report:

Professor Owen Atkin from ANU said the study revealed that the release of carbon dioxide by plant respiration around the world is up to 30 per cent higher than previously predicted.

He said the carbon dioxide released by plants every year was now estimated to be about 10 to 11 times the emissions from human activities, rather than the previous estimate of five to eight times.

“The study shows that as global temperatures increase, the amount of carbon dioxide released through plant respiration will increase significantly,” said Professor Atkin from the Research School of Biology and the ARC Centre of Excellence in Plant Energy Biology at ANU.


Plants release 10 to 11 times more CO2 than human activities! OMG!

More plants, therefore, will kill us all through global warming! This must be true because when the Earth was much more CO2 rich there were plants everywhere, proving that plants cause CO2 levels to rise!

Or, maybe, high CO2 levels allow plants to flourish? Just sayin’…

Are you scared yet? You should be.

After all, these people are scientists and have the ear of politicians and the annoying teenage girls of the world.

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