Microsoft kicks Vivek Ramaswamy off LinkedIn

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Vivek Ramaswamy violated the “hate speech,” “misinformation,” and “violence” policy on LinkedIn, which is owned by Microsoft Corporation.


Vivek, as you know, is a hateful White Supremacist with a history of unhinged ranting and violent threats to everybody. He wields machetes (oops, no, that is a college professor), calls for violent protests in the streets (oops, no, that is Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal), rants about chasing public officials out of restaurants and all public spaces (oops, no, that is Congresswoman Maxine Waters), and holds speakers at colleges hostage (oops, no, that is the woke college students in San Francisco).

Well, anyway. Maybe he didn’t do anything that bad, but clearly, he must have done something really awful to get booted from LinkedIn, right?

Let’s hear from the man himself, who explains exactly what hateful conduct Microsoft objected to.

It turns out that Vivek criticized Biden’s policies on China, how China is using woke ideology to ruin America, and that Climate change activists are wrong.

That sure sounds like violence to me. Hateful misinformation. He MUST BE SILENCED for the good of The State.

Now I am a rather naive guy, so I never realized that objecting to Chinese communist policies was violent hate speech. I didn’t even know that criticizing the shifting of oil production from the United States to Russia was something so offensive that it must be silenced.


I guess I have to update my definition of hate speech. Maybe it is even literal genocide. How would I know? These definitions are updated all the time to ensure that only the approved people can speak.

I like Vivek, although I haven’t paid much attention to him since I think he is a second-tier candidate, although I suspect he will do better than even Mike Pence in Iowa. He is super-smart, charming, and has an appealing message that will resonate with much of the base. I could easily see him as a potential Vice Presidential candidate, and I suspect that so can he.

I would unhesitatingly vote for him were he the nominee, but I don’t see that happening, and I would, as I have made clear, prefer DeSantis, who I think is fully prepared for the job.

Still, this is a gift to Ramaswamy, since LinkedIn is a niche audience. Not an insignificant one, since almost by definition you are speaking to a monied professional class. But niche. Ramaswamy benefits by being labeled an enemy of some of the worst people in America, and that is a badge of honor for a Republican candidate.

My sense, based upon nothing other than my rather cramped view provided by living on the internet, is that there is a building rage among conservatives directed at the smug, arrogant, tyrannical elite class in America. Years ago they declared unlimited war upon us and our kids, and we basically took the insults.


When Trump got elected he became our Paladin in the battle against them, but that only made them more outrageous and more powerful. Look at what they have done since his election. They are stronger today than ever. When Trump lost, they thought they vanquished us.

They have yet to realize that we are done with having a single champion fight for us. We are rising up as a group and fighting back, and the more they attack, the more conservatives are engaging. Ask Bud Light and Target how they like that.

Still, there is a danger: too many conservatives are fighting each other as well as the Left. I can’t count the number of times that acolytes of one candidate or another forswear voting if their guy doesn’t win.

That is ridiculous. Anybody who forswears voting for the Republican nominee, no matter who wins, is voting for the Democrats to control the country. That is unforgivable. Every abortion, every kid transed, every farm closed, and every kilowatt of power ungenerated will be endorsed by those who sit the election out. When the FBI or IRS comes knocking on an innocent person’s door, it would be the fault of the abstainers with fragile egos.

The choice will be Biden or the Republican. Refusing to vote for the Republican is helping Biden win.


Forget bruised egos. Forget battles over taxes or spending. This is about preserving liberty and saving our civilization.

We need a Republican House, a Republican Senate, and a Republican President in 2025. Anything short of that and the mess gets worse.

Microsoft has done us and Vivek a favor by being so bold and so shameless. If Vivek Ramaswamy is considered a hateful violent man, literally anybody would fit that description. Anybody with a brain can see that. This makes Microsoft look bad, not Ramaswamy.

Microsoft, by the way, asserts that they are all about free speech, and if only Vivek comes back and says that oil is bad, China is good, and Joe Biden is a great president they are happy to have him on their platform.


Vivek Ramaswamy doesn’t need LinkedIn, and they will turn out to be a good enemy to have when appealing to Republicans.

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