More FBI coverups and corruption

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After the Durham report was released the FBI had to admit that they had failed to uphold the law and that the whole Crossfire Hurricane investigation–the persecution of a sitting president and his aides–was a bit of a mistake.


They made “missteps,” but assured us that they have corrected their processes.

Days laters it was revealed that they conducted almost 280,000 illegal searches of Americans’ private records, yet again they assured us that they have cleared up any misunderstandings. Missteps were made, but don’t worry, everything is fine now.

Yet again the FBI is committing a “misstep,” refusing to release an unclassified document that purports to show that the FBI has knowledge about a bribery scheme that President Biden engaged in. The document, which should be available to Congress if not released to the public, has been subpoenaed.


The FBI refuses to release it. Given that the Justice Department has ben engaged in a full-blown coverup of Hunter Biden crimes–they just fired every single IRS agent who was helping the Justice Department investigate an illegal tax and influence peddling scheme–it doesn’t take an especially suspicious mind to conclude that the FBI and Justice Departments are engaged in illegal investigations of conservatives, and covering up wrongdoing by Democrats.

I just wrote about how the Biden Administration engaged in a blatant scheme to intimidate Matt Taibbi, and now I get to write about a coverup of Biden corruption.

The FBI has been stonewalling legitimate Congressional subpoenas, and was thumbing its nose at Congress. Now, though, Rep. Comer has threatened the Director with a Contempt of Congress charge, and he has agreed to meet with Comer. That isn’t the same as comply with his subpoena, but since Comer is in the Elite, he would pay no price in any case.

The scheduled meeting comes after Comer, the House Oversight Committee chairman, requested to meet with the FBI director about subpoenaed documents allegedly related to the Biden family’s business dealings to discuss scenarios that the committee may take if the FBI does not turn over the documents.

One of those options is holding Wray in contempt of Congress.

Comer sent a letter to Wray on Wednesday stating that the FBI has “failed to produce the FD-1023 form or offer any reasonable accommodation that would allow the Committee to review the document.”


The letter is pretty brutal, as you would expect, although given that it is Congress-speak it isn’t brutal enough for my taste. A simple “You lying corrupt bastard better cough up the evidence or I will crucify you” would have been nice, but you never get exactly what you want, right?

Comer outlines the timeline and the FBI’s response, and it is pretty damning. The committee subpoenaed the document. The FBI failed to comply. The committee’s staff met with the FBI to “explain” the situation, not satisfying anybody. Comer tried to contact the Director, and he refused to talk. A second meeting with staff still led to nothing, and Director Wray still refused to talk.

Then came the threat of Contempt, and Wray will now meet with Comer sometime “soon.” No document, though.

The FBI is claiming that they need to keep this unclassified document secret to preserve their investigation and protect human sources. The former is a joke, since they seem determined to cover everything up. The latter is reasonable, but Comer is fine with redactions to prevent disclosure of sources. He just wants the allegations.


Given how the FBI leaked like a sieve during Crossfire Hurricane–and all those leaks were BLATANT LIES spread by Director Comey and his lackeys–you would expect that they would have a more relaxed attitude, right? This isn’t classified information, and the House Oversight Committe should even have access to those.

But no, this is different, because Democrats. Democrats are immune from the law. This is a rule at the Justice Department and the FBI apparently.

On May 22, 2023, FBI staff and Committee counsel met for a second time, where FBI staff provided general information regarding its confidential human source (CHS) program. Similar to the May 15 meeting, FBI staff was not authorized to even acknowledge the existence
of the FD-1023 form. There was only one substantive comment regarding the subpoena.

Despite the Committee’s subpoena being narrowly tailored to June 2020, FBI staff indicated that the search terms were broad because there were many responsive documents containing the term “Biden” in its CHS database for that month. While that new information was alarming,

Committee counsel offered to limit the subpoena to be even more precise. FBI staff responded that such limitation was unnecessary because they knew which document was responsive to the subpoena, yet simultaneously would not acknowledge that document’s existence. The FBI’s gamesmanship in holding a meeting about general CHS confidentiality issues—instead of addressing the specific FD-1023 form the Committee subpoenaed—is unacceptable.


Get that gobbledygook? They can’t produce the document because the potential number of documents is too large, but they know exactly what document the committee wants and screw you Congress, the answer is ‘No.”

This is, of course, illegal. Not that it matters in contemporary America.

The FBI is not a law enforcement agency. It is an American Stasi.

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