The "squad" signals riots if they don't get their way

Democratic National Convention via AP

It’s the typical Leftist strategy: threaten violence if their will is thwarted. The “Squad” is all about imposing their will.

This is what “democracy looks like,” they insist. Mob rule.


Republicans have been called every name in the book. Traitors, terrorists, hatemongers, White Supremacists, Nazis, and every kind of -phobe in the universe.

But when push comes to shove the Democrats always resort to violence.

One of the reasons the Democrats have been obsessed with January 6th, 2020, is because it was really the first time Republicans used a tactic that is used all the time by Democrats. Invading the Capitol was wrong, but it is one of the most common tactics in the Democrat playbook. It happens all the time, and we are told that this is Democracy in action, not a cause for years of solitary confinement and torture.

Riots are the preferred tool of Democrats, and so it is quite on brand to warn ominously that unless the Left gets what it demands America’s cities are in peril.

Not that one would notice anymore. The cities are still reeling from 2020.

America’s cities may never recover from the riots of 2020, just as Detroit was hollowed out by the race riots decades ago. Areas of Minneapolis are now no-go zones for the “wrong” people, and we have all seen the decline of once-great cities like Portland and Seattle. Chicago is chaotic and dangerous, and most American cities are experiencing crime waves.


Now the “squad” is promising that the future will be a recapitulation of the past, and not over anything as divisive as a case of police brutality, but over spending limits that will in most cases keep spending in the coming year to the outrageously ridiculous levels of 2022.

Riots in the streets. Spending that most people would never notice. 2022 spending levels were considered historic achievements by Democrats; now returning to them would be akin to genocide.

This is what they do. They are bullies. They celebrate violence. Actual violence and destruction, not just yelling and protesting.

During the George Floyd riots the entire political establishment of the Democrat Party got foursquare behind the rioters, even to the point of claiming that they were a public health imperative.

Buying garden tools and seeds would kill Grandma, but rioting in the streets (which actually did lead to deaths) was a healthy activity that would improve medical outcomes.

There are words for how angry this makes me and should make you, but Salem would be displeased if I printed them here.

Right here right now the Attorney General of the United States is ensuring that laws against threatening Supreme Court Justices are not enforced, even after an assassination attempt. The Democrats in the US Senate threatened to remove all security from the Court if they don’t rule as they like.


Yes. After an assassinatin attempt, the Democrats threatened to remove security, while the Justice Department tells Marshalls not to enforce the law already.

One of the sad facts of life is that the nostrum that “violence doesn’t solve anything” isn’t really true. Violence, in fact, is a very effective way to get your agenda passed or seize power. It is how politics works in most places during most times.

Violence may be a horrible way to get and exercise power, but it works. The Democrats know this and are as committed to our Constitutional order as Hugo Chavez or Fidel Castro were to theirs. They are constantly threatening the very structure of our Constitutional Republic.

Free societies are based upon an agreement to settle our differences through a legitimate process and reject using violence.

Democrats, however, are not interested in settling differences; all they care about is getting their way.

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John Stossel 5:30 PM | July 13, 2024