The military is lying to you, of course

Both Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and General Milley, Chair of the Joints Chiefs of Staff, insist that the Department of Defense neither funds nor supports drag queen story hours on military bases.


That was and remains a lie. When presented with the evidence in a Congressional hearing Austin repeated the lie, even when confronted by incontrovertible evidence that he was spreading falsehoods.

He lied. Then he lied again. And again.

I have no idea if he was under oath, but it shouldn’t matter. Lying to Congress and the American people is unacceptable, except when a Democrat is in the White House. Then it is apparently mandatory.

It is bad enough that the military is promoting “all-ages” drag shows, to begin with; it seems a bit at odds with what we would come to expect and perhaps is not conducive to the good order and discipline we expect from the military brass. I would have thought that such things would happen when the troops were on leave, not on base.

But promoting these shows to the children of the troops? I would have to assume that at least one or two of them might object, which suggests that perhaps the brass should stay out of the business of dealing in drag shows.

Usually the strip clubs are off base. At least it is that way in the movies.


This is Joe Biden’s military, where soon there will be hair sniffing classes. Officers will be encouraged to have the enlisted bring their children to a bar, have them perform provocatively, and then present their hair to be sniffed. There can even be a cardboard cutout of the president there to inspire everybody and get them in the spirit of the event.

I have a hard time believing that the demand for drag shows for children was so great that the brass decided they just had to give in lest they fall ever further behind in their recruitment goals.

On this, perhaps, I am wrong. I would want to see some evidence before I swallowed that story.

Not that such evidence could possibly exist, since the Secretary of Defense and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs insists that it is not happening.

This gets so confusing, the more I think of it.

This is yet another of those “It isn’t happening at all and it is good that it is” situations.

So far neither the Chairman nor the Secretary has explained how what isn’t happening is happening everywhere and all the time, apparently, so this will all remain a mystery.

Perhaps, though, a contempt of Congress or a perjury charge could loosen their lips?


Nah. Nobody even cares anymore about such things.

Do you think that the MSM spends a moment’s time challenging any of these people for being liars?

No. You may notice that it is only alternative news and commentary outlets that even acknowledge such facts. This why independent media is so vital. There are plenty of outlets holding conservatives to account–they event invent issues to attack them on!–but almost nobody actually is willing to stand up to the Left. Sites like Hot Air fill a huge void in the media landscape.

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