Target's favorite artist

As I wrote earlier today, the backlash against Target’s embrace of literal Satanism is in full swing.

And by literal, I mean literal. Eric Carnell considers himself “demonic” and praises Satan.


This is not an ironic boast. His art demonstrates a disturbing mix of sexual perversion and death, along with a nice soupçon of suicide.

“Oh Satan, where would we be without you?”

This is the man Target actually sought out and cut a deal with to market to children. They handed over their Instagram account to him last year.

Gavin Newsom, by the way, is very disturbed that Target has been forced to remove the Satanic artist’s work from their stock because apparently, he believes that it is vital that children get their daily dose of demonic. This man could be president one day.

Why the trans “community” celebrates Satanism as a marketing strategy might seem a mystery, but it shouldn’t. Their hatred of Christianity and of anything “heteronormative” drives so much of their ideology. This is why the “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence” is all about mocking Christianity with fake crucifixions, faking communion with fake semen to drink (I assume it is fake), and there is constant reference to suicide. How often do you hear “trans” and “suicide” in the same sentence?

Killing, too, is a big theme. Lots of knives, blood (men desperate to menstruate, and claiming that they can), and in the case of Audrey Hale shooting both actual human beings and the image of Adam in a chapel. Killing off the first human being is about as symbolic as you can get in wishing for nonexistence. Hale got her wish, but she felt compelled to bring others along with her.


Trans ideology is about destroying the human.

Even the imagery for transitioning is dead bodies. Skeletons celebrate the agents of their own destruction. It is profoundly sick, but the existence of profoundly sick people is hardly surprising. They have always been with us.

What hasn’t always been with us always is major corporations seeking out partnerships with the murderous among us, and celebrating both the ideology and their own marketing genius in being committed to indoctrinating children in the ideology of death and evil. Corporations used to avoid such atrocity; no longer. They have the WEF and ESG mavens to please.

Only a Leftist could possibly believe that marketing death is a good thing for society and a good way to make money. But there is now a surplus of Leftists in America, so we get to watch in horror as the most iconic brands in American history dedicate themselves to the promotion of not just smut but sterilizing children.

These corporations are responding to the demands of ESG, which of course is the brainchild of the WEF, which in turn is pushing for depopulating the Earth, shutting down farms, transitioning our economy into something unrecognizable, and forcing the survivors to eat bugs by candlelight.


That they are choosing to follow this path tells you everything you need to know about the current elite. They do not fear that they themselves will be forced to endure this future. They will live in comfort, fly in private jets, eat filet mignon and caviar, and sip champagne as they watch the plebs suffer. Unfortunately Epstein Island is no longer available for their romps, but they have alternatives.

Imagine a world with Stalins, Putins, Castros, and Chavezes ruling over us. This is the future they are striving for.

What is amazing is how many Americans not only tolerate this movement but defend it. They have been brainwashed into believing that opposing people who literally worship the Antichrist is intolerant, not justified outrage. Our mere words of opposition are deemed violence and genocide–they literally use those words–while celebrating people who recruit kids to sterilize themselves.

And if the kids fail to sterilize themselves, they still have the option of Medical Assistance in Dying. No kidding, Canada is pushing to legalize MAID for depressed teens.

Using the imagery of death to describe transition is quite the metaphor, but once you realize that it is death that they worship it becomes obvious why they do this, and recruit others to join them.

Alphabet ideology is a death cult. First, you sterilize yourself; then you indulge your sickest desires; then you exit the world with a medically delivered dose of poison. This is the prescription of the perfect life according to the alphabet people.


In a liberal society, such people are allowed to exist and thrive and would continue to be left alone if only they left us, and our children, alone. We can despise them, but living with disgusting perverts is the price of liberty.

But like all cults they need recruits, and since they abstain from reproduction they need your children to keep going. Unlike Heaven’s Gate, they are unwilling to exit the world as they desire, but gracefully. They lust after children, figuratively and in many cases literally.

This is why speaking up against them is considered “genocide.” Nobody is killing trans people–they have among the lowest murder rates of any demographic–but since they need our children to reproduce themselves, they consider blocking access to our children to be genocide. By not providing children of our own to sacrifice to their gods, they cannot reproduce and will die out.


I am not a guy who has been worried about a demon entering a human body, or about Satan walking the Earth. These images always seemed to me to be metaphors, although I understand that rational people disagree with that interpretation. This is the stuff of movies. At least I have always thought so. Now? Hmm.

But whether real or metaphoric, I know that people who worship Satan are dangerous and evil. They are even telling you–shouting, really–that they are dangerous and evil. Even if you don’t believe in the god they worship, at least recognize that worshipping an evil god is a declaration of allegiance to evil itself. The victims of human sacrifice were no less dead because the gods worshipped were illusions.


If average Americans can’t stand up to evil, and in this case, ESG is included because it is what underlies the embrace of this ideology by the woke corporations, then we are lost.

The Founders understood that the vital ingredient to a liberal society is a dedication of the citizens to morality. John Adams rightly said:

Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.

Standing up for what is right is, today, counter-cultural. We are laughed at, derided, and ostracized. But that should be no barrier to standing up for what is right.

Throughout history, Christians have answered the call, to the point of martyring themselves for the good. None of us is being called to such an extreme fate; we merely have to speak up and vote against this evil. Call it what it is.

In Catholicism, the faith to which I converted, we are called to renounce Satan and all his works. It seems a pretty modest demand, but clearly, it isn’t. The social pressure to embrace Satan’s works is everywhere. You can’t shop without being shouted at to embrace Satan and all his works.

But we can say no. Being shouted at isn’t so bad. Losing your job is bad, but there is always Florida. California and New York aren’t the only places to live.

I will be moving from Minnesota soon, and I dread it. But the state is lost. But not America, yet.


It’s our job to revive it. Are you ready for the fight, or willing to watch it all fall apart?

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