North Face Pride!

Corporate America is vomiting rainbows. From sea to shining sea you can’t help but step in a puddle of colorful puke this summer.

Bud Light, the LA Dodgers, Target, and now…The North Face. Drag queens, Satanists, and tuck-friendly bathing suits are all the rage, and you can visit the book section at Target to find all sorts of books to instruct your children in the wonders of sexual paraphilias.


I thought it was a nice touch to seemingly threaten the Mormons by exclaiming “Salt Lake City, we’re coming for you!” Just to put an exclamation point on it, they will be bringing their Bud Light to drink.

As far as I know, there are no explicitly Satanic under- or overtones to this campaign, although a bit of child grooming is still in the mix.

Unfortunately for all of us, it’s not only rainbows being vomited out by all this trans-pride talk. Some of us are overdosing on the disgusting displays.

One of the universals in all these promotions is the open desire to shove kids into contact not only with the ideology but also with the most extreme elements of the transgender community. The gay rights movement was never focused on kids, although they did put a great deal of focus on protecting teens who were coming to realize that they were not heterosexual.

Sure, a lot of people worried about gay men recruiting teens, but there really isn’t much evidence that gays are more likely to be sex offenders than anybody else. The phenomenon is most prevalent with step-parents, sadly.


But this new movement is all about kids, both recruiting them and sexualizing them as young as possible.

North Face is just as dedicated to turning kids into sexual beings and sex objects as the next major corporation, with the majority of its items displayed on its website for kids.

The company also proudly emphasizes on its website its kid-friendly trans activism.

Youth. Youth. Youth.

Get ’em while they are young! Shove your crotch in their face when you can!

I have already written today about why they are doing it–even the straight among the elite lust for the approval of the so-called “oppressed.” An “oppressed” group so outcast that every single major institution in America licks their toes and begs for more.

At what point will Americans wake up and realize that the people running our civilization hate us with a passion?

Pride months has yet to begin. Yet that scarcely matters. I think we have already had two different days this month dedicated to transgenderism, and as North Face tells us, it is PRIDE all year ’round.

As Dennis Prager noted in his column we printed this morning, pride in one’s innate identity–and we keep being told all these “identities” are innate–is nonsensical. What is there to be proud of if one’s characteristics are innate. Being gay is not an achievement, and neither is being straight, White, Black, or Italian. It is an accident of birth. Now it is true that people are often proud of things over which they have no control, but we tend to scoff at such things. Being born into a rich family is not an achievement. It was luck.


Building a business and becoming rich is an achievement, but being born a Rockefeller is not. And if you look at the children of the wealthy, that becomes pretty clear. Many of them appear to be inbred morons, although not all.

No group is more demanding of affirmation than the alphabet people. Demanding that people applaud as one prances around looking like a clown is a pretty disgusting display, but vast numbers of people applaud nonetheless. I suspect that the level of absurdity keeps rising because it becomes boring to be applauded for only modest offensiveness. Perhaps this is why we see odes to Satan all the time now.

Push, push push. We are at the child sacrifice stage, and still Americans applaud.

It by now one doesn’t see that the fight for America’s soul is not over tax rates but protecting children, nothing will convince you. When Target promotes actual Satanism, shrugging is an appalling reaction. Children are being murdered moments from being born, doctors are sterilizing and mutilating pubescent teens, and medical murder is becoming common.

We probably can’t drive all these companies out of business, but we can make them pay a price nonetheless. It’s not like Target, Bud Light, and The North Face are monopolies. Choices abound.


It may be difficult to cut Amazon out of your life, but then again it’s easy to scare the pants off most companies who watch every percentage point of market share.

They care. So should you.

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Beege Welborn 5:00 PM | June 18, 2024